Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A gift for you… a gift for me!! :)

So I was SUPER happy yesterday when Elizabeth sent me a message saying that the package I sent her had FINALLY been received!! 
We did a cross border exchange and it was SO FUN!

Make sure to check out her post to see the goods I sent her!
I am VERY interested in doing this again, with someone from the US or anywhere else really! As I’ve said before, especially somewhere close to Trader Joes as it looks like it has SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!   Let me know if you are interested! (and of course it would all have to be dairy free stuff!)

I can’t wait to receive my box, I promise to write all about it!!

Then once again my door bell rang – my mailman must think I’ve got something illegal going down,
I get lots of packages! hehe
Any guesses?
Only good stuff can come from this place!

(Remember the give away I won?)
I was almost as excited by the Empower Glo Bar… except someone took a bite out of it?!?! hehe  Soooo good!!
You can order these yummy little hunnies here!

If any people from here want to share in shipping let me know, as I would LOVE some of these!!
Onto the rest of the box…
I believe this stuff is some of Ang’s favorite tea!!
It’s very spicy smelling, will be awesome with some almond milk!

And then the star of the show!!

The LULULEMON yoga tote – it’s gorgeous!! Hot pink and black are my favorites!! DSC_0755
Thank you SO MUCH Ang…  this package was AWESOME
(ps, her blog is in my top #3 favourite's so if you have never checked it out go visit RIGHT NOW!, plus her blog is the reason I started blogging!)

Then the mail came and I got ANOTHER goodie!!
Rather than a spiralizer I decided on this little gadget…
I shall give you a review once I’ve given it a go!  Veggie pasta is in my near,near future!
Last night for dinner I made some very filling/comfort foodish dinner.

Remember the dip I made the other day with roasted peppers, cashews, sesame seeds, well I spread it on a brown rice wrap and with kale, mushrooms and 1 egg…. DSC_0743

Wrapped it up and served it with some veg and fruit – it was so amazing and full of flavor!

Next up breaky!
I have been drooling over the breakfast cookie recipe from Tina
I used it as inspiration and made this for breakfast
Oh yes, this will be a new breakfast staple for me.  I felt guilty eating a cookie for breakfast, but it was full of loads of good stuff. 
Plus I had it with a green monster, so I covered all my nutrition bases this AM!

*sigh* then I decided I needed some “self care” today – after having an appointment to talk to someone about my little non friend called anxiety.   She suggested I go do some things that make me really happy.  

Sushi makes me really happy! ahaha

I got enough for lunch and a snack later!  Yam/avocado roll, salmon skin roll and avocado roll… DSC_0761
Plus this was calling my name from the refrigeration section.
I had one little bite and it was tasty!
It tasted crunchy, salty, and sesamey… I can’t wait to eat more!
Anywhoo… must do some cleaning up before heading to work.

Also must study tonight, as my first exam is NEXT THURSDAY! EEK!

Ps.  While I was “talking to that lady” today – I mentioned something for the first time out loud and thought I should pass it along.
I find that some of my blog friends are more supportive than my real friends in life – which makes me happy and sad at the same time…
I love that I have found so many great friends through here, and makes me want to re-evaluate some of my in person relationships.
Bottom line, I love you guys and thank you for being so supportive of everything!! :)

I hope I can be just as supportive to all of you!

Question of the day – What are your two stars and a wish today?
(two good things that happened to you and a wish for tomorrow)

Much love,

PS.  I LOVE replying to your comments in personal emails, but lots of you don't leave any email addresses.
So if you leave a comment, I would love to get back to you, so please leave me a way to do that!!


  1. Lotsa loot!

    What did Elizabeth send you?

    I love that you guys are carrying on the tradition!

  2. Hey girl! Great post!! and great pictures! I NEED to know if that spirally gadget works for you. I would like to know where to buy it if it works. I received a mandoline for Christmas but it SUCKED! I had to return it so I am back to hand cutting everything!
    Oh I sympathize with your comment about your blogger friends being more supportive than life friends. It is strange, but I continue living you know! Laters!

  3. My Mom just got me one of those tools and I need to figure out how the heck to use it! She promises me it's fantastic.

    All your goodies look great.

  4. can't wait to hear about that slicer gadget. a spiralizer seems like it would be too much for moi.

  5. I really want to try Glo bars! They look so good! Sadly, they're a little too pricey for me right now, but someday!

    Two good things:
    1. I smiled a lot
    2. Found a fabulous vintage coat that fit perfect, only $12!

    One Wish: Wish I could be back in California!

  6. Love getting packages! I have gotten a lot lately and I totally wonder if my mailman wonders what the heck I am doing! LOL. I totally agree about bloggy friends, sometimes they are way better than real life ones!

  7. I'm a relatively new reader, but I'd be totally up for a package exchange... I live down the street from a Trader Joe's!

    Blogger exchanges are FUN!

  8. I love seaweed salads! YUM. If you can just get over the initial idea of seaweed, it's so worth it. Now I'm thinking I need to find some tomorrow. ;-)

  9. Love the tote!!! Seaweed salad looks yummy as well, it has been awhile since I had one ;)

  10. That tote is so awesome. Who could not love hot pink seriously! The seaweed salad looks so good! I just may have to go to a local restaurant to get one! Packages are always so much fun to receive!

  11. Oooooooooh, I want to see what she sent you!!! How fun!!

    I wish I lived near a Trader Joe's too - so jealous of those people that do :-)

  12. The LULULEMON yoga tote-nice!!!! I love those colors!

    I dont buy organic as you noticed, i think it's just money I dont have some times. I mean sometimes, yes it's cool but not always. Id rather buy Lulu totes :)

    Blogging friends taking over status of real life friends. Totally. Sadly I "know" all of you better than my real life friends. It's not sad but it's ironic I guess. I hear ya girl, I have the same feelings.


  13. Wow!!!! I am soo happy you won ange's giveaway! I totally live next to a Tj's! Send me a wish list! I just realized that I rushed to share my good news with my twitter/blog friends. And that I was not excited to tell my real life friends. It honestly made me really sad:( I want to be able to connect with everyone and I can't figure out why. Anyways thanks for tweeting me I am happy to know that I am not alone.

  14. awee so many goodies! LOVE IT

    your food looks SOOOO good!! xoxo

  15. I want to try GLO bars so badly! Jealous! : ) Love sushi, I'm pretty sure I would never get sick of it! Have a great day!

  16. Great post! What an awesome giveaway you won!

    I have never had a seaweed salad, but I keep hearing about them, maybe it's time! :)

  17. Jessica, Congrats on winning the awesome Lulumon tote (I have to check them out. I hear such good things!) and on taking steps to overcome your anxiety. I've had a serious anxiety problem for years, so I know exactly how you feel. I'm finally starting to kick the anxiety out of my life, but it's been a long, hard process and it's something I have to work at every single day. Sometimes it's still a struggle, but sometimes it's not and that's the best feeling in the world. Hang in there, you will overcome it. I can't even tell you how much better I feel and I'm not even all the way there yet! With all that you're doing to confront it now, I'm sure that 2010 is your year. Thanks for being so open about it with all of us reading. I know that a lot of us can relate. :)

  18. What great packages!! That always makes me happy :) I got some of those glo bars too, yummy! You suffer from anxiety? I have the same and know exactly how you feel, it's not fun and something that I struggle with from day to day :) I haven't been following your blog for too long but I'm already in love. thanks!

  19. Oooh I love seaweed salad, I keep thinking I have to make me some with all the seaweed I have stocked up in my pantry. Your prizes are cool too!

    Go the veggie peeler. You are gonna love it. I have been using mine more than my spiraliser for some reason :)

  20. Lot's of love being sent to you!! =) I love getting mail!

  21. Two quick things.....

    I hear you on the friend front. I can't emphasize to what extent my blog friends constitute my support system!!!!

    And also for years I suffered through chronic anxiety syndrome! I k ow what you're going through!


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