Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What to do… what to do?!?!

Hey guys!

Thanks so much for all your opinions on yesterday’s crazy test results!  After spending some time researching the testing method (well Dave researching) we found out that this machine is banned from being imported into Canada from Heath Canada. As well as, it’s only seems to get “love” from the Naturopathic community, everyone else considers it a huge scam….

I guess I should have researched it a bit before, but I was just so grateful to maybe have some answers?  Oh well lesson learned!   So my plan is the be conscious when eating these foods, to see how the react in my body and go from there! 

In all the hype of this my previous post from yesterday got lost in the shuffle, so come visit it… It’s all about Quinoa!

Other exciting news this morning.  My post got into the top 9 on foodbuzz this morning!!  I was sooooo excited, it’s an honour!

Because I had no idea what to eat after yesterday, my eats are kinda boring!

Guacamole with tomatoes and black beans



Not pretty but good… 

then I got home and made a big salad with veggies and quinoa


It was filling, sweet, crunchy and fantastic!

That’s all for now folks. Thank you all for your help with my little situation, I really appreciate it!  

Keep the comments coming if you have anything good to recommend, I am still looking to get some help with my eating habits, to figure out what’s bugging my stomach!

Have a great day, I’m off to school for a weee bit!!




  1. Hey everything is a learning, and for one piece of information we are given, you will always find another to go against it, so it is great you are being open to all ideas. My friend Becci has something similar done a few weeks ago and was thrilled with the results, as she has eliminated all the foods and is feeling a huge amount better. It is all about working out your OWN body me thinks. Great post Jess!

  2. Congrats on foodbuzz! That's some gorgeous looking quinoa :)

  3. Congrats for getting in the top 10 this morning! Your blogs looks great. Keep it up girl!


  4. I like your approach :) That seemed a bit insane!!!

  5. Your food looks really good today!

    I am not very good at using Food Buzz ... I don't even know how to put my posts on there!

  6. Congrats for taking your test results in stride! It is pretty easy to take things to the extreme, but I think playing with some foods and seeing how you react to them is really the only true test! I am a huge fan of quinoa and yours looks delish!

  7. I saw you in the top 9! That was super exciting!

  8. Congrats on Top 9! I have had a lot of problems with my stomach too and so far I have just found trial and error to be the best for me. If something makes me feel bad I stop eating it. It's not fool proof because something I ate yesterday could bother me today but I do the best I can. I also found a lot of good info at www.helpforibs.com and I follow that diet for the most part but not perfectly. I don't have it all figured out by any means, it's always a learning process!

  9. Congratulations for your foodbuzz recipe! That is really exciting. They looked absolutely delicious.

  10. i saw your pic on foodbuzz!! i'm SO HAPPY FOR YOU! congrats, jess :)

    ♥ lindsey

  11. Congrats on food buzz!! I LOVE quinoa

    Hope youre doing well darling, thinking of you <3

  12. I just wrote a post about quinoa yesterday too...what a coincidence!

    Congrats on getting in the Top 9!!!

  13. yum! that quinoa salad looks so good!

  14. Congrats on Foodbuzz top 9.

    ooh I I would love some quocomole..


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