Monday, January 11, 2010

Lettuce Wraps and Hot Chocolate!

Morning guys!!  Hope your weekend was fantastic!
I didn’t get up to too much this weekend, but I did make 2 yummy recipes I thought you might ENJOY!

First off it’s rainy and windy here, I decided to stay home all day in my PJs,  do some reading, and studying… I also decided hot chocolate was just the remedy to such a day. 

Now since I hadn’t had my green smoothie yet, I decided to make my hot chocolate with amazing grass and these other culprits
I blended it all together in my magic bullet and popped it into the microwave.  It was to die for and full of tons of goodness!

Bad news though – it’s official, amazing meal DOES NOT like my stomach – or the other way around. 
Oh well… it tasted amazing!  Guess I’ll have to try something else next time!

Then I got creative for dinner. 
I have been craving lettuce wraps since we were in Victoria
So I decided to make them – with a few healthy twists of course!

I cooked up some tofu, veggies, cilantro, hosin sauce and chinese 5 spice!
Rather than using tradition iceberg lettuce which has virtually no nutritional value – I opted for Radicchio!
I filled it with the tofu mixture
DSC_0591 DSC_0601
and added some hummus!  This was my first time buying this kind and it’s fantastic!
And I served the lettuce wraps with roasted sweet potatoe, which I popped in the oven with some cinnamon, salt and curry powder.
All together now!
I ended up adding the sweet potatoes into the wrap, as they were missing something!!

I think next time I will use ground turkey, as I wasn’t a huge fan of the tofu!!  But other than that it was good!!

All that mixed with this…
and this
Made for a pretty OK Sunday!

Blog traffic was super slow this weekend, so if you didn't’ get a chance to read yesterdays posts, HERE THEY ARE!!
NEED HELP with a “Mom” recipe!
Giveaway Winner

Happy Monday – I am off to finish off my workout and do more studying – Then WORK this afternoon!!  Crazy concept, I can’t wait to see some of my kids!


  1. Those wraps look wonderful! Amazing Grass upsets my stomach too - such a bummer because it tastes yummy.

  2. Uggggggg! As soon as I read the title of your post in my google reader, I was like "Noooo!" I just went to the store about 30 minutes ago on my lunchbreak. One thing I really wanted to buy was hot chocolate mix, and I totally forgot! Grrrr!

  3. That sucks about the Amazing Grass, especially since you have such a big container of it and that stuff is NOT cheap :(

    The radicchio wasn't too bitter?

    And? Your dog is so cute!

  4. wow that's the healthiest hot chocolate I've ever seen - way to go!

  5. oh my gawwwwd i LOVE those little lettuce taco shells you used :) and they're gorgeous!

  6. i love the look of this recipe, very colorful and i am a big fan of sweet potatoes... oh and your dog is spectacular! Added you to my best reads list at our blog.

  7. Looks so gooooood! :) Love lots of color! :)

  8. yum i have to try making those wraps!

  9. I love sweet potato fries - we made those tonight :-)

  10. everyone LOVES the sabra. i guess it's worth the $$$!

  11. Wow those lettuce wraps look so good! I keep seeing everyone using Xagave I may have to try it sometime.

  12. wow your raddicio boats look great and the filling looks amazing!

    glad to hear you made some Raw Balls. I love eating balls :) Can't wait to hear what kind you created!


  13. Wow - those recipes BOTH sound fantastic. Will be trying those when I get home for sure.

    I have been wanting to try agave necter forever and haven't yet - you like?

  14. wow what a GREAT DINNER!! love the lettuce fresh!

  15. Your meal looks incredible darling. I am sooo hungry and really feel like eating my laptop now because of your pictures!!! What is amazing meal?

  16. Oh too bad about the amazing meal! That really sucks cause it is good. I never thought about making hot chocolate out of it. That is exactly what I am gonna do right now! Those lettuce wraps do look good as well. Have a great day!!!

  17. This dinner looks fab girl and I don't like tofu! Hmmmm was that hummus really good? I am always scared to buy store bought incase it isn't good....

    Lance is so cute....he is good company over the weekend ;)



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