Thursday, January 21, 2010

Feeling Dreamy?!

I know I am feeling dreamy today?  You ask why? Because I made Kris’s Coconut Dream Bars tonight!

Holy yum…  there is a God and he is Coconuty! :)

You have to go to her blog to see the recipe, but here is the short version (and you will be happy to know

I followed the recipe 100% – this is something I NEVER do)

I whizzed up some pecans and dates to make the crust
DSC_0757 (2)
Then mixed up the other delicious (and good for you) ingredients to make the insides!
This recipe is 100% raw… except the chocolate/coconut oil that I drizzled over it (by accident) OOPS!
DSC_0759 - Copy
Dave gave them an 8/10 – and since he doesn't love dates, this is a good score!  I loved them… they were off the charts for me!

Thanks Kris – you are just as sweet and wonderful as these bars!

Ps. I posted my twitter status (about making these bars) then came to make these, finished them off, cleaned up, checked facebook all in 23 mins…  So they are quick too!

For dinner tonight I tested out THIS!
Which made this…
DSC_0748 - Copy
DSC_0750 - Copy
PS. I can’t wait for natural light to become part of my life again!
Lovely little zucchini noodles!  It was super easy, and I didn’t miss them at all with my spaghetti! 

I  bought mine off ebay, but I’m sure you could find one at any kitchen store, they are about $10-$15.

Here is the yummy pasta sauce I made
DSC_0752 (2)
Bison sausage, green peppers, zucchini and sundried tomatoes with pasta sauce added later!

I topped it off with the dip from the other day.
DSC_0754 - Copy
Damn I’m good!  (haha) this tasted super fresh and cheesy!
I didn’t miss the noodles AT ALL
I really enjoyed having it a bit lighter!

Go buy one of those little babies NOW!! You won’t regret.

Onto breakfast- I’m all over the place today!
I made a not so pretty 3 min Tina cookie again
Tis UGLY – but tasted good – I used my new gadget to make carrot straws to go in it too!
Extra veggies YES!
DSC_0743 (2)
With a green pink monster!
It was a simple one with frozen strawberries, spinach, banana and almond milk – that’s all folks, it tasted pink and delicious!

Jumping around like a crazy person again LUNCH!
Dave took me for dinner last night and I had a HUGE salad and french fries, and I brought the leftovers home for lunch today.

I added a can of salmon and some tomatoes – nothing fancy but it worked!
DSC_0746 (2) DSC_0747 (2)
That’s all the eats from me tonight

But I wanted to say THANK YOU for all the responses on “bloggy friends being more supportive than some in person friends” – it’s interesting to know that their are MANY of you out there that feel the same way! 

I wonder if it’s because we all share such common interests?   I’m not to sure, but I’m grateful for all of you!

PS-this is not to say that NONE of my friends in real life are supportive,
because many of you are and I love you for it!

I just feel like it’s hard sometimes to take the time to really appreciate each other and how important friendships truly are! (Especially as we get older!)

I also got a lot of support regarding my discussing anxiety on my blog, it was hard to come out and say it, but I know I am not the only one, and hopefully I can help others by mentioning it!! 
For those of you who wrote me about it thank you!!

Phewf…  it’s getting serious around this place.  I best leave while I still have (wonderful) readers! hehe

I’m off to dream about random drug dealers and police chases!!
(3 nights in a row this has been what my dreams have been about, can you say CrAzY?)

Goodnight my lovelies! :)

Do you have bad dreams?  If so what are they about?

PSSSSSS.  Averie is hosting an amazing get away in San Diego this summer.... I wanna go!!   
Check it out! 


  1. wow. you always make me wish I could grab food through my monitor lol ;)

  2. Wow your food looks divine! those coconut dream bars seriously look so delish! I absolutely love coconut! Your pasta looks really good too! Yum!& good lordy crazy dreams!!!

  3. How yummy do those bars look!!! wow!
    What a fun new tool! I've always wanted to try raw "noodles" since I see them on blogs quite a bit.
    Have a fantastic Friday!!

  4. Ok, now I want one of those shredder gadgets! I could have used that the other day making zucchini "noodles". I didn't even know that I needed until now LOL

  5. Love zucchini pasta!!! I agree with meeting great bloggy friends who really help support and encourage us to keep going! :) We have meet some of the most nicest people through our blog! Keep up the great work!

  6. all your eats look so yummy and that is one neat little tool.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. I might have to check out those bars! They look super tasty! Every once in awhile I have bad dreams a couple of nights in a row. They are usually about me being chased or someone in my family dying. I've been known to wake up crying which was always weird on hiking trips when we sleep in a tent or when I had a roommate in college!

  8. i agree with Iva, im on the verge of taking a bite off my monitor, and im sure it still wont taste as good as your pics look.

  9. interesting dreams :)

    and your new food you have made looks so good, i'm slightly jealous!

    ♥ lindsey

  10. Oh my! All of the food on this post looks so great.

    Could you taste the dates in the coconut bars?

  11. Everything looks amazing!! Yum! :) Those coconut bars = Heaven! :)

  12. I had a really bad dream last night - I don't usually have bad dreams - but when I do, they are really bad :-(

    I love coconut too!!! Mmmmm, one of my favourite things!

  13. Hi - first time reader, and I'm dairy-free as well. Very glad to have found your site! As to anxiety, I definitely struggle with it. Good job tackling it head-on -- you are not alone!

  14. Boy am I hungry after reading your blog! I just joined as well and look forward to reading more ;)

  15. am I in heaven? because all your eats look heavenly! I'll have to check those bars out as I am a big fan of dates. I loved canned salmon on salad and with greek yogurt for salmon salad. Yum! I can never really remember my dreams, is that weird??

  16. Ohhhhh Doll!! Thank you for the shout out! Love you!

    Ok, your dream bars look super fancy :) Aren't they the easiest, bestest bars ever?!

    Your breakfast looks really good actually, I can't wait to try them.

    Your drops are on their way!


  17. I have to get one of those shredders! I love zucchini noodles...makes the pasta so light and you can enjoy more! I am sorry you have anxieties...I live with that too. I think too much about everything. I wish I could let things go, but I just can't. I appreciate your comment on my blog and I will definitely be a regular here! Thanks for sharing your is important to know that we are not alone!


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