Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 1st – Good times!

Good morning!!
How is your 2nd day of 2010 going?
First off I have been DYING to tell you about my
favourite cookbook (aka inspiration bible) but I was giving it as a Christmas gift to my parents, and was sure they would have bought if I mentioned it on here!!
It is full of gluten free, dairy free and egg free recipes
As I have said before, I am terrible for following recipes, so I really use this cookbook for inspiration and everything that I have made is amazing. 
Plus it includes a great Elimination/Detox plan in it!

The authors have a blog and you can order the book online here
It is by far the best cookbook I have found!

I also 2 more beautiful blogger awards!!
Thanks to Prevention Rd and Simply Life
Thanks so much ladies, I love both of your blogs!!
The details are to pass it onto a bunch of bloggers and tell 7
(i think) random facts about myself.
1. I am obsessed with hoodies, I wear them pretty much every day.
2.That being said, I feel awkward when I dress up, I think I look funny!
3. I am obsessed with LIP SMACKERS – I always have one with me (if not more)
4. I have been to Mexico 6x – 3 in school for missionary work, 1 when I was a nanny (with the family), 1x for a friends wedding, and 1x last March with Dave.
5. I love cheesy reality shows (Real Housewives, Top Model, Real World etc)
6. I want to get married somewhere with a white sandy beach and crystal blue water – with all my friends and close family around.
7. When I moved back to my hometown 3x years ago, I was convinced I would never meet anyone, but I wanted to move back so badly, that I came to terms with living life single forever (not many fish in this little fish bowl) but then I met Dave…  Funny how things work out!
As for passing this on… I pass it onto YOU!
I think you are all wonderful and beautiful and I thank you for being one of my readers!! 
I look forward to reading your random facts!  
I have had some super yummy eats yesterday that I wanted to share!
As I said yesterday I started off with a green monster.
Then for lunch I had this
Another random platter – YES –
Love this, I am going to have another one today!
Kimchi –spicy – eek
Turkey pepperoni
Smoked oysters
Pickled ginger
Nacho chips
Mango salsa
Dinner was delish tooDSC_0395
Prawns sautéed in Earth Balance and garlic
Steamed broccoli
Again super delish – plus we had a glass of red wine!
Breaky this morning was pretty great too.
So many people in blog world I have eating pancakes lately,
I got the bug!!
They were simple pancakes, but I loaded them with yumminess!
Almond Butter, 1/2 a nanner, chia seeds, cacao nibs, sprinkle of macca powder, coconut oil and a wee bit of maple syrup!!  They were tasty!
And I slammed back this too.. – YUCK!
It was full of all this goodness
I didn’t feel like making a green monster this morning, but I wanted to get all the goodness in anywhoo…
Our day yesterday was super relaxing and nice.
We took down the Christmas decorations and revamped the living room
And played tons of Wii – Mario Kart – SO FUN!!
It was a perfect day! Hope your day was great too!
xo Jess

PS-I am looking for tips on buying a spiralizer – any suggestions?


  1. PSST - I showed you some love on my blog!

  2. Hey, we have the same wall color in our living room. I love it! Great minds think alike!

    How long have you had your wii? I've had mine for awhile but haven't really gotten and new games for it. I have mario cart and the wii balance board. Do you recommend any other games?

  3. Hey congrats on your award! I luv Amazing Grass yummy!

    Hubby and I was just at Barnes and Noble and I seen this book, didn't know it was to a blog I already subscribe too!...go!!


  4. That cookbook looks great- I'll have to check it out!

  5. I need to find this cookbook!!! Thanks for sharing the review ;) Do you cook a lot out of this book?

    Awww your decorations are all down now. Mine will go down tomorrow :( So sad, but I am excited for next year now.

    Have a great day!

  6. WOW i love your random plate of food! that looks amazing! i love hoodies too-im def obsessed. your cookbook looks awesome!

  7. Congrats on your award. The pancakes look delish!

  8. Hey what are you looking for? A spiralizer I have no idea :) haha
    We are looking thru our cook book too!!!!!!!! Thanks

  9. I'll have to see if I can get that cookbook at the library! It looks great!

  10. Thank you and you're welcome :)

    Also, I wanted to apologize for assuming your name was Betty! Sorry, Jessica! It is Jessica, right? ;) I went back and edited my post today, I was so embarrassed!

  11. My 2nd day of January was wonderful, thanks! :)

    Cute floor lamp! We have some very similar to that ; )

  12. I got a spiralizer a few months ago, and I LOVE it. I got this one

    It's a bit more expensive than smaller ones (but still only $30) but the clean up is super fast, its easy to use, and it comes with 3 blades. I've used it with zucchini, yellow squash, beets, sweet potato and butternut. Let me know what you decide on!

  13. youve been to mexico 6 times!? dang! fun!!
    congrats on your reward girly. you so deserve it<3
    your lunch plate looks AWESOME. i love asian cusine.. pickled ginger i eat right out of the jar..yum. though i have never had kimichi.. pickled spiced cabbage? right?


  14. oh wow, that does look like a great cookbook!

  15. Happy New Year Girlie!
    Hope you find Artisana coconut butter in 2010 ;)

  16. your always making me so hungry with your yummy food pics!

  17. Next thing on my list to do this week is to get me a copy of that cookbook.Your breakfast looks delish, I love you pancakes!I came across your site from the foodieblogroll and I'd love to guide foodista readers to your site if you won't mind.Just add your choice of foodista widget to this blog post and it's ready to go. Thanks!

  18. That cookery book looks fab, so does all your food yum! My lovely sister made my header x x

  19. I have been thinking about getting that cook book! Thanks for the info. And I bought the $30 sprial slicer ( and am very happy with it!

  20. Love the cookbook tip. I have been trying to do gluten free, and I have to keep my dairy intake relatively low.
    BODA weight loss

  21. Love the cookbook tip. I have been trying to do gluten free, and I have to keep my dairy intake relatively low.
    BODA weight loss

  22. I love cheesy reality shows too!! I think you would look lovely dressed up!!!


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