Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thai… for two!

Last night we headed out on the town for a date night to our favorite Thai food restaurant.   SO GOOD!
Dave started off with Thai Tiger Beer
Isn’t he a cutie?

And I had a virgin lime margarita
Then our SUPER yummy food came – we always order 2 dishes and share!

Dave ordered the special which was “Gaeng Sap Pa Rot” aka Pineapple red curry with coconut milk, red peppers, broccoli, basil leaf and duck for the protein.
Sorry for the blurry pics, it was my old camera and no flash!
This was delish – we wouldn’t have it with duck again, would have been mucho better with chicken (or tofu hehe)

Mine was AMAZING!

Pad Lemongrass – A stir fried red and green peppers, onions and broccoli in a lemongrass mixed sauce, with a side of coconut rice (I heart coconut rice)
Fantastic food (as always)  we love this place and don’t get their often enough! 

Guess what I had for breaky this morning! :)
with some kale mixed in for flavor!
Yes I ate Thai food for breakfast!! So yummy!!

I also decided that if I eat one bad thing in this world, it would be white rice – I’m not a huge fan of brown rice (at all) but I love white rice especially coconut rice – so there!


What do you normally order when you go for Thai?

After reading about everyone’s delicious greek yogurt, I have been craving yogurt like CRAZY lately, so I went and got some of my soy stuff.
It’s pretty sweet – but I like it as an occasional treat!

HOT TOPIC - What are your thoughts on Soy products?

I never know if I should eat them or not!

Dave also got me a gift yesterday – so cool. 
I think I am going to put it up in our bedroom!
I love the saying too!! Thanks hunny – love you!

As for this morning – I got down and dirty and did about 25 mins on the Wii (including 10 mins hula hooping (again) and then 25 min on the EA Sports Active – concentrating on my BOOTY!!

Well we are off for an exciting Saturday – library (yes new healthy eating magazines/books) and then out for dinner (sushi) with some friends!! 

Hope you have a great Saturday and stay tuned I have some interesting recipes floating around in my head for the next few days!!


Ps.  HI CHRIS (my fav english lady!) and ANGIE (wooot wooot)! So happy to see you guys are reading!
Miss you ladies both so much!!


  1. Yes! Glad to see someone else loves the library as much as I do!

  2. I luv thai food! So glad you had yummy food and a very nice and handsome date!


  3. i love white rice too.

    cute pics. looks like you guys had a good time.

    p.s. if you just wanna borrow one of the books i can mail any one you want. no need to swap. i need to make space in my itty bitty place :)

  4. I love Thai as well...I tend to order veggie dishes with one of the cream-free sauces. Soooo good.

  5. I love the library. I also love Thai food, I always order Pad Thai...boring i know but I love it!

  6. awww date night! so fun! NEVER had thai food..everybody loves it!

  7. thai food looks so good! unfortunately, i'll pass on the soy yogurt! thank goodness, i can still eat actual yogurt! i'd be lost without it :)

    and regarding the soy issue, until someone proves soy is bad for me, i'm going to eat it haha

    ♥ lindsey

  8. hey love! I have never been for thai food!!! What the heck is the matter with me!? It looks to die for!

    Oooo I might be the wrong person to chat to about is an inflamatory and I was told it effects estrogen. Plus I am allergic ;)

    Some people are fine with it! It tastes good!


  9. oh your meal really does look amazing!I always go for something new when we get thai, which is pretty rare - but usually just try to find the most veggies in one dish :)

  10. We were apparently on the exact same wave length last night with our Thai Date Nights! I couldn't ask for a better night out with my hubby. :) Glad you guys enjoyed too! :)

  11. I ADORE Thai food, but sadly FH does it's been AGES since I had it. I think I'll have to throw that idea out there for the next girl's night out!

  12. Hello!!

    Thai food looks awesome. I love Asian food so I'm sure I would enjoy Thai! I love both brown and white rice. Rice and veggies are so good for you :)

    I've never had any Soy products? Do you recommend them?

    Love the post. Take care!


  13. Ooo, yummy.

    You can read about soy here: I highly recommend getting the book.

  14. OMG, your dinner looks amazing. I always get the peanut chicken... I love their peanut sauce!

  15. I LOOOOOOVE Thai food! I'm a fan of yellow curry!

  16. thai food for breakfast sounds great. i usually order something with curry.

  17. Thai food is my favorite too! Great pics!

    Concerning soy products, I limit my soy intake. I feel like I gain weight or feel bloated when i eat too many soy products. I even can't eat too much tofu, because I get too much phlegm after eating it. I use more almond milk and use soy milk for baking primarily.

  18. I would totally eat Thai food for breakfast - I used to always eat leftovers for breakfast (until I started the blog). I usually order Pad Thai ... that is what I ordered last night when we had Thai food.

    The hubby usually gets a curry of some sort, and then I steal a lot of his too :-)

    Your meals both look super yummy!


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