Monday, January 18, 2010

Nutritional Sensitivity Test results are in!

EEK!  Not sure what would be shorter, the foods I can eat, or the foods I cannot!!

My absolute DON’T EAT are; kamut, ham, buttermilk, lemon, almonds (gasp) asparagus (double gasp) buckwheat, wheat bran, organic coconut oil, coffee, thyme, watercress, iodized salt!

The also high-I shouldn’t eat foods are; chicken, egg yolk (lord help me) dairy (duh) including goats milk, eel (?), halibut, cod, mussels, pears, tangerine, plums, apricots, blueberries (so sad), sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut (gasp), cocoa (HELP), olive oil, lentils, potatoes, mushrooms, okra, yams, sweet potatoes, wheat, baking powder (is there an alternative to this?), yeast (nutritional yeast) *pouts* gluten, sugar especially demerara sugar, wheat flour, wholemeal, spelt flour, veggie cheese, black tea, white wine, all vinegar, sodium nitrites, marjoram, peppermint, cinnamon, parsley, turmeric, celtic grey salt.   

Now… that being said, the lady was a wee bit nutty…  and maybe a bit on the extreme side.   BUT I am supposed to eliminate all these foods for 2 months, until a retest is done to finalize my list.

Interesting huh?  There are a few that will be really hard – almonds, asparagus, coconut, egg yolk, cocoa powder, all potatoes like things….

Now I shall go look in the fridge to see if I have the 2 foods I AM allowed to eat *winks*

What are your thoughts on this?? How far would you take this elimination?  I really really am interested in your thoughts!


  1. How was this test done? Did you get all the pricks on your back? I'm curious to know because that's an INSANE list. It's time to get creative!

  2. Nevermind, I missed your post this morning. much research have you done on this method?

  3. Wow!!!!!!! Thats a lot of food not to eat....but there are still lots of things to eat....don't give up the blueberries though other than that we can work with this....:)
    Love Mom

  4. I've always wondered about the validity of those tests. I wonder if someone who doesn't seem to have any food sensitivity, would get results similar that "technically" doesn't agree with them even though they don't know it. That is really a LOT of items of food! Do they really tell you to eliminate rather than just cut back? Wow, good luck and I wish you well! I am sitting here eating dinner and I'm eating 1/2 the foods on your list. :-)

  5. oh my goodness that list is horrible :( i suppose i would follow the instructions as long as i could but i might cave. that is so many ingredients!! i'll be thinking about you...

    ♥ lindsey

  6. My thoughts? I am so sorry! I couldn't do it! Good luck, hun!

  7. My thoughts? I am so sorry! I couldn't do it! Good luck, hun!

  8. That is a CRAZY list! Is it just for the two months, and then you will be able to reintroduce foods? I would get a second opinion ... even a third.

  9. Wow that is crazy! I don`t even know if I could survive. They have cut so much out of your life that's just insane! Seriously I am so speechless. Good luck, I am sure cooking is going to get really creative for you.

  10. So my Dad is allergic to EVERYTHING! He breaks out in hives, has breathing problems, and stomach problems. He has taken a variety of allergy tests (grid of pin pricks on his back and arms), and has spent several years eliminating things, but is just now realizing that it may not be the actual food he has an allergy to, but the chemicals put on those foods - when he eats all organic and is really careful to avoid processed foods he has no problems. I don't know if the same would apply to you, but it may be worth some research. Good Luck! :)

  11. So what did she do to know what to cut out??
    I have to say some of those would be REALLY hard to get rid of, good luck...

  12. That's a lot of foods! I don't think I could do that!

    I'd be curious to see how I would fair on a test like this, since currently I don't really have many foods that bother me at all.

  13. That is a TOUGH list - especially the blueberries, baking ingredients and nutritional yeast! I have friends who have done elimination diets and they've worked but have added foods back in slowly a few weeks in with good results. Good luck!

  14. Ok love dove, I did this all!

    First off congrats on getting this all done.

    I cut all mine out for 2 -3 months and HUGE differences were made. I felt 110% better! I wouldn't trade that for any food.

    But, there is a great acupuncturist here in van. that cures food allergies. Have you ever heard of NAET??

    Good luck!

    I would die if I couldn't have organic coconut oil.

    What blood type are you?


  15. Whoa! Best of luck to you with this.

  16. wow, seems like a lot of items to eliminate which may take a long time of trial and error to really figure it out? Have you heard of LEAP allergy testing? It's pretty new, but there are some RDs that are certified and it may be worth checking out because it is a true allergy test. I wanted to try and get it done, but most insurance won't cover it. Just a thought! Hope everything goes well!

  17. This is crazy! Do these foods even have any relation to each other. I don't think so. I'm voting for the second oppinion, unless you're really motivated to suffer through the 2 months without.

  18. I think that is such a long list hun..
    I say just listen to your body..if something bugs you...try eliminating it..but if it does not bug you..then don't?

  19. Hi girl! I agree with Jolene about getting a second and possibly third opinion. I've had my own battles with food sensitivities and allergies and something that worked well for me (as a temporary solution, at the very least) was to start on a bland diet. I'll send you some links, but you can search for bland/ulcer diets online. Once my stomach settled, I was able to reintroduce foods (slowly and one at a time, starting with the least...exciting), which helped to isolate what worked/didn't. But, seriously... amen to second opinions. xxoo

  20. That is a ton of food not to be able to eat. I'm not a doctor or nurse but I would really try and listen to your body.

  21. Sorry for the bad news =(
    I would definitely get a second opinion - stat. If you were unsure at the current results then go with your instinct!

  22. You can always look at it as the glass is half full... there is still tons of other things that you can eat... with that said... I am so sorry that you got this list. Diary and meat I wouldn't worry about.. I Can't do peppermnint either... but almond, pear apricots...

    I am sort of new to your blog but plan to remedy that by reading up but I am really curious as what kind of test you had done? and Why you can't eat these thing? Just for my knowlege.. the answer to my questions maybe somewhere here in your blog.

  23. Yes, I found myself on your blog once again! (lol). I spotted your "allergy testing" tag on the side and I couldn't help but click it. WOAH, that is a LONG list. Those are some of my favourite foods! A LOT of my favourite foods. I thought my sister was scaring me... now you're scaring me too! lol. I can do this... I can do this...


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