Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I did it…

What you say?   I kicked ass and took names at school today  well  not really, but I showed up… and made it through. 
I was soo nervous!!
But I had some cute new school supplies
that made it a wee bit of fun.
Love the book – and it’s “Eco friendly”
Anyways, back to the nervousness…
One little tidbit of info most of you don’t know about me is I suffer from anxiety (yes letting the cat out of the bag) It me a few years ago when all my stomach stuff started and now I deal with it on a daily basis.  It especially gets me when I don’t feel in control of a situation – like today when the only seat left was at the very back of the class (I like to sit by the door)! 
But I survived – thanks to this
This stuff saves me sometimes. It’s like yoga in a bottle.
I highly recommend it to everyone!
I also secretly placed “Operation Beautiful” notes around the school.  It really made me feel better too!
This morning, as I knew “it” would strike I did some 30 mins on my EA Sports Active – and he kicked me butt BIG TIME. 
Hello jumping squats and lunges…  Bye bye lovely butt
and did my second day of Whittle my middle (still in tons of soreness)
How do you deal with Anxiety if you have it? 
I could use some new tips, as I am stuck at the back of the class for good!!
Ok onto the fun stuff!!
I’ve had some tasty (and not so tasty) eats from the past 2 days!
A little love mix (aka Ninja mix)
A also created these little monsters!
Apple pie wrapped in egg roll wrappers
I sautéed apples with cinnamon and Xagave
Then added some walnuts and dried apricots
Then wrapped, rolled and baked!
The result…  tasty insides,  not so tasty outside!  
They were pretty good slathered in almond butter, but I wouldn’t make again!
Then for last night I made ground turkey CHILLI
(thanks to your ideas) and Cornbread!
If you need a recipe for yummy cornbread, just ask… this one is fantastic!
This morning I was so nervous I knew I needed something filling and delicious so I turned to my good friend Qunioa.
I love this stuff!!  I topped it with chia seeds, dried cranberries and Xgave, which was a free sample (thank you) – I love it, would buy again for sure!
 Go visit their website and order (me)some! hehe 
Last but not least… I had some left over chilli topped with avocado and corn bread… sooo good
Dave and I watched FOOD INC last night, I highly recommend it
Lots of stuff stood out to me,
but the biggest thing (that I will leave you with)
“Every time you grocery shop, you are voting for what you would like to see more of in the store” 
So I challenge you to think about that the next few times you go grocery shopping!

love love love


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE school supplies!

  2. I love the Operation Beautiful post-its! I keep meaning to leave one but I haven't yet. Add that to the list of things to do this year!

    H =)

  3. yoga in a bottle?! sounds like a party to me :)

  4. I enjoyed Food Inc as well! Hopefully people will really start appreciating good food and where it is coming from so changes can be made ;)

  5. I LOVE buying school supplies!!! And that looks delish :)

  6. That Ninja Mix looks AWESOME! I don't suffer from anxiety, but I can't imagine it's fun. Sorry to hear that, but finding ways to cope with it is best, so yay! I plan to watch Food, Inc. this weekend, I'm excited!

  7. The chili and apple pie egg rolls sound A-mazing!

    I remember when I was in school, the best part was all the new school supplies. LOVED them!

  8. oh cornbread, how i love thee!!!

  9. Happy School day!! I have a stationary fetish, so I love your supplies!!

    Your food looks so yummy girl! Cornbread.....is it easy to make?

    I suffered from anxiety...I am better now. I also suffered from panic when I cant be in control of a situation! not fun!


  10. I love operation beautiful!

    Thanks for the sweet comment today. Did you get my email from the other day?

  11. aww school supplies are soo fun!!
    girl your wraps look GREAT..have a great night!

  12. Bach remedies are the best!!! :) I use to suffer a lot of anxiety, they really helped, along with breathing exercises and yoga!

  13. your pics are always so pretty! i'm SO glad to know you use & LOVE the nikon d3000 camera. it helps me feel like i made a good selection! :D

  14. So what's in that anti- anxiety bottle?? I'm curious as I have to give speeches weekly in my classes. Cute enviro-friendly notebook, I can't wait to get my school supplies for the semester ( which starts the 13th) Have a good week of classes!

  15. lol...I love buying school supplies...even though I'm not in school :-)

    Looks like great eats! Love those big avocado chunks!

  16. Yay for overcoming some of your anxiety! Good for you! I want to see Food Inc, but I'm not sure I could handle all of those images. I know I'll see it soon, though. After all, those things do happen, and I shouldn't pretend they don't!

  17. I love your Operation Beautiful notes :-) I need to get busy posting some. I tried to in the Dominican, but there was always someone in the bathroom when I was in there, and I was shy :-(

  18. Congrats on the first day of school! I too get pretty bad anxiety. I do not do well in crowds of people that I don't know. I have yet to learn how to control this. Most of it stems from self image and low self esteem problems that I have always had. It sounds vain but if I "think" I look alright, (thin enough, good hair, clothes feel good) than I am much better.
    I never had anxiety - only the past few years have I started to experience it. My H has bad anxiety and has to take mini pills when he starts to experience it.
    I have been looking at getting back into school, too. I'm just nervous about the time factor!


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