Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ok… maybe I’ve been cooking a wee bit…

Hey guys, 
Thanks again for all the feel better comments. 

It’s amazing how much you take little things like standing and getting up and down for granted, until you don’t have that option!   I am still really sore BUT it’s much better than the last few days!!

Yesterday morning started off great!   
Dave finally got his Christmas present – if you were following me on twitter then you know that the company I ordered it from, told me the day before Christmas that they forgot to order it!! EEK!

I snapped a few photos of course!
Yay, he was soo happy!!  

I also had some stuff over the last few days that were yummy!
A great veggie sandwich on delicious foccacia bread!

More thai food!!  Lemon Grass Chicken! So yum!

Green Monster in a bowl – covered in coconut, gogi berries, chocolate nibs and macca powder!

Then the doorbell rang again with a fantastic package!
I contacted the people at Mighty Teas and asked them for  free samples!! 
They were happy to send them out, I think I got one of each flavor!!

It was hard to choose my first flavor as there were SO many yummy sounding ones.
I started off with the Orange Dulce -  soo good!
I love these teas as they come in beautiful little silk tea bags!
See that bright light in the background?  That’s sunshine.  Something I haven’t seen in a long long time!

Next up I tried this flavor
Chocolate Mint Truffle – yes please!
These teas are amazing 

They are a little expensive, about $10 for a box
(but let’s be honest, we all spend $5 for one Starbucks drink)
but they are really worth the $$
and they are so beautiful that it’s like a special treat!
My favorite so far is the Green Tea Tropical – which I always get at a restaurant I go to!

Go to their website and check them out!!
You can buy them there, and they have lots of beautiful teapots and tea accessories as well!!

I will continue to review the flavors as I go!!

That’s all from here today.  Thanks again for all your get better comments, you guys are super sweet!

I made some more raw energy balls the day before I hurt my back, with a full picture tutorial!!  So I will post (and hopefully inspire you) later!
xo Jessica


  1. Yay for Dave's Christmas present finally arriving!! That lemon grass chicken looks so good! Wow what a yummy selection of teas.

  2. FINALLY! almost a month late. he looks like hes having so much fun.

    so jealous of you teas. the mint sounds absolutely delish.

  3. Yikes, I hope your back feels better soon! I'm so sorry you're going through that, what a miserable experience. We take it for granted how lucky we are when we can move around and do what we want, it must be such a shock when you can't do it anymore.

    Everything looks delicious, especially that gorgeous sandwich. The bread is so soft and fluffy!

    Lucky you getting all those free tea samples, all the flavors sound delicious.

  4. All the food looks great, did you make the lemongrass chicken yourself?

  5. I loooove Might Leaf Tea! My favorite is the jasmine. Totally worth the price.

  6. those teas sound awesome! yumm, and feel better!

  7. The food looks yummy! Good flavors! Feel better girl!

  8. I love Mighty Tea! The Jasmine one is really good, but like you, I think Green Tea Tropical is my favorite.

    We are going to have to have a laugh once our packages arrive... you should see what I put on the customs form. ;-)

    Hope your back's back to normal! xo

  9. The teas look great! I have been getting into tea big time so I might have to check these out, thanks!

  10. Oh my gosh that tea sounds fantastic! I want to try that asap! Have a great day Jessica!

  11. Thanks for sharing the info about the tea. I have seen that brand and have always wanted to try it. Sometimes the more expensive things are better ;) Chocolate mint truffle sounds amazing!!!

  12. ooh all those flavors sound great!

  13. I hope your back is doing even better.

    Those teas look yummy.

    Love the pics of Dave and his Christmas present!

  14. I totally agree (as you know!) the tropical green tea is outstanding! :)

  15. Hey Jessica!
    You definitely should just order some VitaTops. They`re amazing! Also thanks for the compliment about my header! I am still working on making my blog look better! I figured since I went to college for Graphic Design I should probably design some stuff on my blog :]

  16. I have been wanting to try those teas ... I love the name!

    That Thai food looks tasty - I love Thai.


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