Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do it… just dooooooooo it!

Have you ever seen a recipe that you were dying to make, but figured it would be too much work?
I had two – Veggie burgers and those yummy looking date/nut balls!

Yesterday I made both…

The Veggie Burgers were inspired by Ohsheglows recipe here!

I used one can of these… rinsed well
Then tossed in 1 carrot, 1/4 onion, a handful of cilantro, 4 mushrooms, hemp seeds, green pepper and whizzed it up in the food processor!
The I plopped it into a bowl and added a big handful of sunflower seeds – and enough flour to make into patties!
Then I baked them at 375 for about 15 mins on one side and 10 on the other!

The whole process (besides baking) took under 10 min, and that included clean up!!  YES!!

I served them on a on a cracker with hummus and homemade guacamole!
They were SOOOOOOOOOOO good!!  I can’t imagine buying veggie burgers again – you could pretty much toss any veggies in there!!

I HIGHLY recommend them!  I would go by the OhSheGlows recipe first, and then play with it after wards!!

Then, since my food processor out, I decided to finally make some of the raw nut/date balls that are floating around blog world.

I figured they would be a huge pain and a big clean up but they were also SUPER easy and of course SUPER nutritious!

I grinded up some cashews in the food processor, then added in some soaked dates, coco powder, macca powder and coconut, whizzed it together until it became doughy, then rolled them into the little balls!!

Averie – I love your raw balls smile_wink hehe 
Here is the link to her recipes!! 

Anywhoo – moral of the story today – Try out a recipe that you are putting off because I scored 2/2 here and they will both become regulars for this lady….

PS. I popped the nut/date balls into the freezer and they are yummy frozen too!!
Ciao for now!  Hope you enjoy!


  1. So funny about the veggie burgers. I made up a batch the other day (after seeing her post) and froze them. Was going to break them out next week for a fast, easy dinner!

  2. The homemade guacamole looks great as well.

  3. OH MY!!!! Those are some of the best looking veggie burgers I've seen in a looong time. You know, we must be taste-bud twins because I would be all over putting my burger on a cracker with hummus and avocado. That's like all my favorite things in one place. Love it!

    Raw balls! YAY! You can never go wrong with a batch of those, yours look beautiful and sound delicious!

  4. Sometimes I hate baking/cooking because my kitchen is sooooo small but I make do with what I have =) (damn ny apartments!)

    Those look so good!

  5. These burgers looks SO goood! I am going to have to make this. Great post!

  6. I love when quick and easy things turn out delicious!

  7. I have a couple of different recipes for veggie burgers but hers look the best, I'll for sure make these. Thanks! ~

  8. What a success! I think it's great that you are making such healthy new foods! Yum yum!

  9. wow those "burgers" look like they turned out so good. I just may have to get the courage to make them!

  10. Those both looks fantastic! I should try making them!

  11. Those both looks fantastic! I should try making them!

  12. good for you! i would imagine those date nut balls would be a pain to clean up because of how sticky dates are - does soaking them make for less mess?

  13. I officially love your blog for the recipes - they sound sooo yummy and I can't wait to try them all!

    For the date/nut balls what quantity of cashews and dates did you use??

    THANKS! :D

  14. I seriously see recipes EVERYDAY on blogs that look so good but I am afraid to try because they look like a lot of work. I am going to get over that fear, and just MAKE 'EM!!

  15. Yum, yum, yum!!! :D Jessica, those patties look fabulous!

  16. burgers AND balls!! perfect!!

  17. Those look wonderful! Mmmm mmm mm!

  18. I can never get veggie burgers moist enough, so I'll definitely have to give yours a SHOT!

    I'm about to put your sweet potato fries on my passenger menu on the flight for tomorrow! I'll credit you big time! x

  19. I can never get veggie burgers moist enough, so I'll definitely have to give yours a SHOT!

    I'm about to put your sweet potato fries on my passenger menu on the flight for tomorrow! I'll credit you big time! x

  20. If anyone would like to know the ratios for the balls and recipes, here's my mega post of all the balls!

    And Lynn, no, the dates dont stick everywhere if you have the right amt of nuts.

    Jess...so happy you made these and are lovin' my balls and were 2/2 today on recipes. YAY!!!

  21. simply divine. another must do!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!

  22. I LOVE homemade veggie burgers! so delicious. I'm going to have to try to make those raw nut/date bars, they sound delicious :)


  23. Love love homemade veggie or veggie and bean burgers. I was totally intimidated by them forever! I still am yet to make some of Averie's raw balls- they look so good. Good for you for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Glad you enjoyed the results!

  24. Averie's balls are the best..lol! :) I love them too! I need to make some this weekend! Thanks for the reminder!

  25. I LOVE veggie burgers and these look so easy AND scrumptious. Thanks for the pictures.....they seem less intimidating, now.


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