Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I bet you never expected to see that as my title!!  I am just excited because last night I made “Macaroni and Cheese” and it totally couldn’t have come at the right time, I was totally craving comfort food!


Hello ooooohy… goeey goodness!


I have been looking for a good recipe forever!!  And I think I found it here…  I almost followed the recipe to a T – except I left off the topping and I added about a TBSP of turmeric!! 

Now if you didn’t go to the link – it’s a vegan mac and cheese!!

No dairy!!   My only suggestion is don’t make the whole recipe (it makes alot of cheese) and add extra onion – that was my fav part!

Continuing on with the comfort food today (I wasn’t feeling so good yesterday) I made banana soft serve and covered it with smore toppings!


Yummy!! (and healthy!!)

I ate things yesterday that were colorful too.. I promise!! haha  These were just my highlights!


I have been trying really hard to at least do 30 mins (or more) of exercise per day and I have been doing really well…  Lots of Zumba (classes and videos) and hiking, and I found this workout on Lesley Lifting Life.  It’s a bridal boot camp that will kick your butt!!  It doesn’t look very hard until you try it!!   Check it out here!!  (PS it has Tommy Euro in it;))  It’s a great workout even if you aren’t getting married!!


Well back to cleaning the house for this girl.  Amazing how quickly it get’s messy hey???

Question of the day – what is your favourite tea?

I am sipping on Yerba Mate today – very earthy, but one of my favourite teas!!




  1. Favourite tea, hands down, chai. Sweet and milky. Mmmmmm.

  2. I love the idea of the smores topping on the soft serve- yum!!!

  3. Not really a big tea drinker but recently discovered that I really really like vanilla chai. I must get on the soft serve bandwagon now that it's warm.

  4. OOOo I forgot to answer your question! My favorite tea is jasmine tea.

  5. MMmmmm mac n cheeze!!!! Look fab and for the recipe! =)

  6. Mmmm that mac and cheese looks yummy!

  7. vegan mac and cheese sounds really good rite now! ive been looking for a good recipe! i might try this!

  8. Dairy free mac? I like it! Looks wonderful!

    I am really enjoying mango tea right now. Really great over ice!

  9. I love love love mate as well! I've tried one kind that was APRICOT mate, which was very delicious- I like the earthy bitterness of mate, but it was nice to have some sweetness paired with it for a fun change, too!
    Also, your smores banana soft serve looks fab!

  10. That mac and cheese looks just like the regular stuff - yummm!!

    Those s'more toppings have me drooling!!

    My favourite tea is a coconut tea from a spa in my city.

  11. chickpea and stuff
    smores topping
    and mac n cheese....

    all lovely!

    hope you're zumba bridal bootcamp is fun! Ive been working out like a dog training for fitness competitions. Can you say hard core! haha!


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