Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday fun!!

Bloggy exchanges are so much fun! I wish I could do one every month!!   But with the $30ish shipping plus all the product costs, it’s an expensive hobby!!

I recently did an exchange with Noelle from Singer in the Kitchen!  Funny thing is… we BOTH received our packages yesterday around the same time too!! What are the chances?!  ha ha

Here is a little sneak peak of my score…

 DSC_1239 DSC_1243 The lighting was bad… so some of my pictures didn’t turn out… but you get the idea!! Tons of good stuff!


I think 2 of my favorite things are…

This was sooo good… (and now gone *pouts*)



Thanks Noelle, it was a lot of fun!! I hope you enjoyed your treats too!!


I’ve been trying to take more pictures of my daily eats, just for fun…  Here was my breaky yesterday

Green monster – jam packed – 1/2 banana, 2 frozen strawberries, spinach, spirilina, macca powder and a scoop of the yummy Vega Smoothie Infusion – and the secret creamy ingredient… avocado.  Don’t knock this until you try it!! I’ve been doing it for awhile now, and it is sooo amazing!!


The kids at basketball kept asking me where their starbucks was…


When I told them it was a fruit and spinach smoothie they stopped bugging me  - haha

When I got home I was STARVING!!

Lunch was a brown rice wrap with eggs and a big dollop of hummus….


I also snacked on a bunch of carrots, peppers and cucumber!

By the time dinner rolled around we were both STARVING!!  (and craving pizza) so we made some pita pizzas




DSC_1251 DSC_1254

They are SO good… and so super quick!  Plus you can put whatever you want on them… the possibilities are endless!!

I think we are making them again tonight… because today is a busy day… Hockeyfest with the kiddies, then Zumba class tonight!!    They are just so easy and fabulous… 

Have you tried Pita Pizza’s before??  What are your fav toppings?


Glad to report the sun is FINALLY shining… It’s still chilly here though, but it’s almost time to start gardening  YAY!!

Do you have anything fun planned for this weekend?  We don’t really… except our 2 year anniversary is tomorrow!! (YAY)  But we don’t have anything fun planned….I’ve had lots of requests about our story, so maybe I will share tomorrow…

Also question for my bloggy friends – I am thinking of taking weekends off from blogging… due to super low traffic on the weekends… what are your thoughts??

Ciao bella’s



  1. Aaaawww happy anniversary!
    All the food in this post is so yum-looking. Wowie. Hibiscus flowers are so so good!
    I like to take my weekends off from blogging, I feel refreshed and I'm on a weird schedule over the weekend so I can't usually fit it in. Or just Friday evening and Saturdays. Sundays I usually have time.
    Have an awesome weekend! Hope you guys have fun together, even if you don't do anything crazy! My boy has been out of town for over a week and I am missing him like crazayyyyy!

  2. Yay!!! I am glad you liked the cookie and the hibiscus flowers. I actually had never tried it, but I bought a pack for you and one for me so I could try. I will be posting on my goodie box soon!

  3. Bloggy swaps seem like so much fun! You got some great stuff, love that smoothie idea!

  4. What fun packages!!

    I don't blog on the weekends accept on the occasion that I really have something to say OR I prepare a post in advance that I auto publish over the weekend. I do use the time wisely and work on posts for the upcoming week, though.

  5. Happy Anniversary to you!

    I take weekends off... it's just too much hassle for me to try to get on the computer and find time to post. Do what works best for you- if you feel it is a bit of a struggle to post, then don't worry about the weekends! :)

  6. I don't post that often on the weekend. The time with my family is much more important than updating.

  7. Thumbs up to pita pizzas! Mmmm!

    I've thought about taking the weekends off, too, but I decided against it simply because I tend to have way more time on the weekends than the week days. That's just me, though. It is frustrating to have really low traffic on the weekends, though...I agree!

  8. Happy Anniversary! :D

    I think it's a great idea to take a blogging-break on the weekend. I know I rarely read blogs on the weekend, and I've made a personal rule of not blogging when my husband is home! I don't want him to feel like I care more about the blog world than him... ;)

    Looks like you got some fun loot with the blogger exchange!

  9. Happy 2 years! I am thinking that weekends off is a great plan...I find that i struggle to find the chance on weekends to get it done, so why stress??

    So jealous of the exchange! hehe.
    Have a great weekend, girlie!

  10. Yeah - blogging traffic is slow on the weekends ... I have noticed that too.

    That is a great package to win!!

  11. Nice gift! That cookie looks yummy! We are going hiking on Sunday and I can't wait! Picnic and the falls...should be a great day. I don't blog on the weekends unless I have something that I just have to talk about! I am not at my computer much then, so I just don't do it much.

  12. I am ALL ABOUT taking weekends off...but ironically just about the time i do, then I have more traffic on those days than on weekdays..but I am getting sick of posting on the weekends...we all need a break!

    Love the blogger exchange!
    hibiscus flowers? I have been a TJs shopper for yrs and have never seen those!

    Lmk us know what you end up doing on weekends (or it will become self evident i guess too :))

  13. Yay - that nutfree cookie looks so yummy!!!!!!!!1

    Surprisingly I've never tried pita pizzas but that's just brilliant. Where the heck have I been? Hello pita pizzas this week on the menu


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