Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hoooo hummm…

I’m feeling uninspired today to create a blog post, probably have no pictures to post for your viewing pleasure!!  
I did cook an amazing dinner last night – but you will have to wait to see my very first Our Big Earth post to see what it was!!  It’s not there yet, but it is coming up very soon though, that’s all I can say!! :)
Question for you lovely healthy folks?  I am going to be travelling very soon to Newfoundland – we are going to be staying at a hotel for 6 days… my question? 
What would you pack to eat while there?        
I know I don’t want to eat out every single day 3 meals per day??
I need your tips and tricks of hotel living!!!
And just because Dave just told me about an article about thieves that scour the internet especially twitter and facebook to find out when people are out of town… To anyone that is reading this and thinking “they are going to be gone soon… let’s rob them” We have a house  sitter and a very mean pitbull!

In other fun news!! My Dairy Free Betty  facebok fan page reached 102 fans last night!!  Thank you so much to all my facebook fans!    I am thinking my next giveaway will be especially for you guys!! :)  So if you aren’t one already, now is your chance!
Don’t forget to tell me your hotel living secrets!!!


  1. We always try to stay somewhere that has at least a microwave and fridge as well. You can easily heat up veggie burgers, oatmeal, make sandwiches, have your cereal, salad makings, etc. as long as you have a fridge. We don't like to eat out every meal either. Expensive and unhealthy.

  2. Same here - we ALWAYS make sure we get a room with a mini-kitchen, unless we are just sleeping and leaving. Even if it costs a few more bucks per night, with two kiddos, it's way cheaper for us than restaurant meals. Then we can just shop for a few groceries and eat at our home-away-from-home.

    LOL - I think you need a scarier picture of your killer guard-puppy! He looks like he might just lick an intruder. : )

    Luckily you live in a pretty low-crime zone. ; ) Haha, we don't even lock our doors around here!

  3. I always stock up on fruit when I get to a hotel. Strawberries and a banana can always double as a quick breakfast, and it's a healthy way to start my day. I also love when there are mini fridges- then I'll go out and buy a few things like yogurt, etc to keep in the fridge.

  4. A microwave will definitely be helpful. I had one in Arizona and I made oatmeal with apple every morning for breakfast. Bananas are very portable too. If you have a fridge yogurt is great plus fruit like blueberries and strawberries. I also usually take some bread and peanut butter or almond butter- that can easily be a lunch. Other foods that travel well are nuts, dried fruit and dry cereal.

    Are there Subways in Canada? Last time I was traveling I went to Subway twice- I got a plain turkey sandwich with some veggies for 300-400 calories and about $5...not bad. Good luck and have fun!

  5. When I went away I took a ton of homemade granola bars, raw chocolate balls, cut up veges (there was fridge in hotel room), larabars, etc. I basically took things to snack on or to eat before we had breakfast before working out.

  6. We always stay somewhere with a mini kitchen too. That way we can bring sandwich fixings and keep milk for cereal. Plus, when you do go out, the portions are always ginormous so if you have a frig and a microwave, you can keep and reheat. Sadly though, our official hotel splurge is nutty bars. The ONLY time we buy them is when we are staying at a hotel, which isn't too often. I think the kids look forward to the nutty bars as much as the actual vacation.

  7. Well I'll have to become a fan too! Congrats!

  8. I love your ferocious pitbull picture!!

  9. When I travel I always try to figure out where the closest whole foods or health food store is to buy fruit, baby carrots, salad bar etc. Starbucks oatmeal is my breakfast savior on the road:)

  10. I love staying somewhere with a fridge if possible so you can pick up healthy food when you are there at a little market or something.


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