Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hoppy Easter!

Morning guys!!

Happy Easter!! Hopefully you have lots of fun stuff planned today!   I did a bunch of fun Easter stuff with the kids I work with in the past week…

Made Easter eggs of course…



and Easter bonnets…

DSC_1173 more eggs

DSC_1175 Easter crafts

DSC_1172 and got a visit from a very cute visitor… not an Easter bunny, but the sweetest little pup around!!

DSC_1177 I love working with kids… it’s the best job!!


The last few days around here has been STORMY and gross… so we spent all day Friday lounging around…  it involved a lot of the following.


Loved it!! :) 

Eating has also been pretty slack too!  We took a trip to Costco yesterday.   Thank you to whomever suggested I look for Sabre hummus.. check out this baby.  Look at the difference in sizes!! And they cost close to the same… (about $2 difference)

DSC_1194 I see lots of hummus in my near future!!

We also picked up 9 grain cibatta buns… so good.  With a little chicken/turkey sausages tucked it…   This dinner was delish…

(Randomness… and we bought my wedding band!! (not at Costco though!)

DSC_1188 My mom sent me a recipe for “chocolate cake in a cup”  here is the result…



I would share the recipe with you, but it’s REALLY un-healthy, so I am going to tweak it a bit first! 

Thanks for the recipe ma!!  It was delicious!!

I have more food pictures, but they are on my new cell phone, and I don’t know how to get them off!! Will share when I do!!


My day is full of a little visiting and we are roasting a chicken for dinner with all the fixin's!!  YUMMY!


Have a great Easter!! 

I’d love to hear what your plans are for the day!!



  1. New Reader saying hi!

    those eggies look fantastic!!! I haven't colored eggs in years :)

  2. Hey Jess...
    I have made that chocolate cake in a cup with the kids @ the Schools! Amazingly delish, but (very sadly) sooo not in the healthy category! Let me know if your tweaking is successful!
    And working with kids IS the best job ever! Just think, once you have kids, it's kids ALL day - then kids when you get home too. LOL. Save your energy! Even this kids coordinator runs out of energy (and I've only been back at it for 2 weeks!)
    Talk soon :)

  3. I wonder it that cake recipe is anything like my homemade brownie bowls. The cup version is way cuter! Happy Easter!

  4. that chocolate cake in a cup looks fancy! :D Great presentation! I will take the recipe..healthy or unhealthy! :P

    Love the eggs+ cute puppy! Happy easter!

  5. That cake in a cup looks so fun! Happy Easter :)

  6. looks like fun!! Ive never colored easter eggs before

  7. Happy Easter to you!!

    The chocolate cake looks amazing.

  8. oh that puppy is adorable! I want another dog now, hehe. Unhealthy recipes are sometimes a must. Looks heavenly, as it should be! Your Easter looks wonderful.

  9. oh that puppy is adorable! I want another dog now, hehe. Unhealthy recipes are sometimes a must. Looks heavenly, as it should be! Your Easter looks wonderful.

  10. I JUST read a recipe for cake in a cup, and thought "I wonder how I could make that healthier". Can't wait to see what you come up with!

    And I KNOW what you mean about the hummus!!! I buy that at Costco every time I go, it's incredible the price difference.


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