Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wedding detail update…

Hey guys,

I really don’t tons to update you on, but I’ve been getting messages about an update, so I can write what is new!

I got my wedding band, it’s the same width as my engagement ring with 10 square diamonds…  it looks something like this, but a bit of a thicker band…  I love it, plus we got it 50% off because  the store was closing out!!

CO6594 (source)

I still haven’t found my dress…I am looking for something pretty with a sweetheart neckline (I have a picture, but I don’t want D. to see!!)

As for bridesmaids dresses, I realized while trying on dresses I really have to choose my dress first!  But these are a few that I love!

This one is pretty formal, but I love it, and LOVE the color!

bridesmaid dress #2

 This is my other favourite dress – much more casual!!  Picture it in brown though!

I want my hair something like this…. but with a veil not a flower!!



I am getting my veil made from ETSY this lady makes beautiful stuff!  I am again waiting for my dress to figure this all out!!

As most of you know… we are getting married on this beach


and hoping it will look something like these


Table at Bella California Terrace (Small)

As for other details.  I have 4 bridesmaids – and one “bridesman” that is standing on Dave’s side.  Dave has 2 groomsmen, because the other 2 cannot make it.     So far we have 11 people who are coming 100%…   so it’s all getting very exciting!!

We have had some pretty negative feedback about having a destination wedding, but are trying to let it roll off our shoulders, because it’s OUR day… and getting married on a white sandy beach with my toes, with palm tree’s overhead… has been my dream since I was a little girl!    Hard to make everyone happy I suppose!!!

Now I just need to pick my dress!!  I want something really pretty but not formal or too much – keep it simple!!   That’s our motto for the whole wedding!! :)

Hope you enjoyed this!!    Now tell me about your wedding or your thoughts on your wedding if you are getting married…

What were your colors?  Favourite parts of the wedding?  Things you would have  changed?   etc…   I look forward to hearing your thoughts!!


  1. Hey girl - I'm all for simplicity too! My sister got married 3 months before I did and we were seriously only given 1200 bucks to do a wedding. I catered a sit-down dinner myself, my mother (thankfully an amazing seamstress) made my dress. I even did my own cakes. NUTS right?!

  2. Okay, that's kind of funny. The first (teal) dress looks _exactly_ like my first wedding dress, only I wore red.

    The second dress, the more casual style, is almost exactly like the white one I wore to my beach (second) wedding in Mexico, the only difference being that mine had straps and a little pearl medallion on the band at the empire waist. For what it's worth, that dress was $50 at Sears (Jessica brand)! It was perfect - breezy, cute, and just right for a beach wedding.

    And your engagement ring looks an awful lot like mine too - not an eternity band, but with diamonds and the same width as my engagement solitaire. Too funny!

    Needless to say, I love your choices!

  3. I'm so glad I found your blog! I love EVERYTHING about it! hehe!

    now i am SUPER happy to hear that you are having a DW!

    If/when we get engaged DBF and I have said we'd do a DW also.

    I cannot wait to hear/read more of your journey!


    I LOVE the color of the Alfred Angelo dress!! (the long one) though - it may get hot for your girlies!! hehe

  4. Beautiful pics! I love the ring and the dresses, you're going to have such a beautiful day!!

    Good for you for letting the negative feedback roll off - it's your day and what you've dreamed about! I've been to destination weddings and they are always great fun.

    Enjoy every minute of the planning! :)

  5. Oh girl, this day is about you and if a destination wedding is what you and your FH want then so be it, just make it the best day of your life and ignore the static that your getting! Congrats by the way :-)

    ps. I am also engaged and planning on eloping so I can totally relate

  6. Gorgeous choices, Jess! Enjoy your day, any of the naysayers don't matter, anyway. If you're happy, then they'll have to learn to deal with it :)

    Can't wait until we can see pictures of your dress when all is said and done!

  7. I love the second dress for a beach wedding!

    I like your attitude about the wedding. Honestly, I tried to please too many people throughout my whole planning process and now I'm totally miserable with it all. I know I'll end up liking it in the end, but I think the simple destination wedding that makes you happy is the way to go!

  8. That is really too bad that people are giving you negative feedback about having a destination wedding ... it is really no one's business to say anything about what you choose to do!

    My bridesmaids wore black, and the accent colour was sage green. They each carried a single green (grown naturally) rose. My favourite part was dancing!

    I also loved that our wedding wasn't too big (we had about 120 - but it was a good size, and we felt like we got a chance to talk to everyone).

  9. I personally love the idea of a destination wedding and am glad that you guys are doing something that you'll both find special. As a bride to be I completely understand the negative feedback one can get - I couldn't believe the amount of unsolicited advice that I received about my wedding! Plus maybe you'll have some more control over who comes (given that not everyone can afford to get over there :))

  10. hey girl..that beach and set up looks gorgeous! It is YOUR day (and your mans day) Do what will make you happy :)

    When i get married..I want to be married in the fall, in a small church. Nothing fancy. Perhaps some flowers throughout the pews :) And a small buffet style dinner after with fam+friends! :)


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