Wednesday, April 7, 2010

West Coast Livin

I am kicking myself right now.

Last night a bunch of friends had a beach fire (in the chilly, rainy weather) and I didn’t bring my camera because of the rain.  And I missed out on taking pictures of one of the most classically West Coast evenings I have had since I started blogging. 

So I will try to be descriptive!!    We show up and the fire is blazing on the beach and  it’s just starting to get dark!  We get greeted by our friends and an amazing Caesar with fresh grated horseradish… amazing!!  

(Ps.  my friend Eric made the Caesars, and they were so good!   You guys are going to be lucky enough to experience the wonderful cooking skills of Eric aka Ninja!! He’s coming to do a cooking demo at my house very soon… which I will post on my blog! So excited for this!)

Then the fresh seafood came out.  Fresh prawns and oysters.  The oysters were popped onto the fire until just cracked and then sprinkled with fresh horseradish and lime juice! AMAZING!     The dairy friendly folk wrapped them in porciouto (that thin sliced meat) and covered with some decadent looking white cheese!   It was a non vegan foodies dream…   Everything was served on random pieces of driftwood!! So amazing!!

I won’t go on any further, as I dislike lots of words with no pictures!


Rewind to dinner!  

We bought Red Snapper at Costco the other day and had no idea what to do with it.  So after a date with google… I was inspired…

The ingredients…


The presentations – before steaming


Dave’s plate after all was said and done!!


I was a little disappointed, the kale and the zucchini were WAY over cooked, but it looked pretty and the fish was great!

My plate – I wasn’t hungry at all – I only ended up eating the fish..


Anyone have any snapper recipes?? 

We still have 2 packages left to cook up!!


Must run… I’m doing another 3 hour basketball camp today!!  EEK!  24 boys, a basketball and me… fun fun!!

Talk to you guys soon!!



  1. Sounds like a PERFECT West Coast evening! Makes me want to go have a beach BBQ. :)

  2. Hey there, awesome to see another West Coast blogger out there! Your dinner looks so beautifully presented, wow!

  3. mmm, the bonfire eats sound delish! I love horseradish! :)

  4. I love bonfires....& caesars! Sounds like a great evening.

  5. The beach fire sounds like fun! And the food divine! Lucky you :)

  6. YEAAA the weather is so nice today and it would be a perfect day to go to the beach!! It sounds like you had a great time out at the beautiful beach!!

    I think your dinner looks super yummy!

    I hope you are well my friend!


  7. Aw I hate when I don't have my camera and want it haha. It sounds awesome though...and that fish looks delicious.

  8. That sounds like such a fun night. I love Caesars!!


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