Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Recap!

Hey guys!

The weekend is over again!  Amazing how quickly it whizzes by!! :)

We had a pretty mellow weekend…  went out for Thai food with some good friends on Friday night!!   Here’s a photo of the left overs!  YUMMY! Lemongrass chicken, red thai curry and another savoury curry all over coconut rice!! 


Saturday morning started off with a breakfast cookie!!! 


Then we heading down to the market to visit my favourite Vegan Baker!!   We were super late (I had the times wrong) but we still got some yummy goodies… (and I took the worlds worst photo with my phone!   This was delicious, but I don’t remember what it was called!! haha :) 

Photo0049We also picked up some orange/basil fresh pasta with dairy free pesto…DSC_1266

  And a bunch of cucumbers… because of my silly time mix up, there wasn’t much left… so we’ll have to go another weekend!!

Then I (dragged) convinced D to go to the smoothie/raw/juice bar to escape the blustery weather…

Here is his excited face…


He got a pear, apple, lemon and ginger juice!

And I got a mango smoothie…



Love this place… it’s dangerous!  They had RAW, VEGAN turtles chocolates… but I’d already spent too much $$!!!

Later that day we headed to a newer restaurant and I had the “VEGINATOR”  (sorry phone pic again)


It was huge and good… until I realized that the “rice cheese” contains dairy…  BOO!! (after I had eaten it) It didn’t bother me too much, thank goodness – I’m assuming that there wasn’t much dairy in it. 

That’s our Saturday in a nutshell!!


Sunday was a mellow studying type day!!

I made something delicious to share with you all though!!

Salmon Cakes!!


I took a can of salmon, added some mayo, cajun spice, panko an an egg


Mixed it all together and pan fried it… 

I made some mini ones just for fun, served on a Mary’s Cracker with a pesto topping


So cute!!  Then I served the bigger salmon cakes over sautéed kale.


Yummy they were good!!  Next time I would add some green onion!! The left overs are great too!!

That was pretty much our Sunday, unless you want to hear about Therapy or Psychological Disorders!!   Which is what I was studying!! :)

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!!!!!!! 

Ciao for now!



  1. looks like a fun weekend. care to share the salmon cakes recipe?

  2. Ooo the salmon cakes look yummy, I'll have to try those out for sure!

  3. If I had to choose my last meal on earth it would Thai. Hands down!

  4. Yummy weekend! I love it! I didn't know rice cheese had dairy. We use almond cheese, so good and lots of protein. It has Casein but thats it. Good luck studying.

  5. Hey thanks for the shout out - glad you like our little juice bar! Next time you're in treat yourself to a raw vegan turtle on us and let us know what you think!


  6. Canned Salmon, oh the horror.Teehee If you want the real thing all you have to do is ask. Great blog by the way. Need a recipe for the breakfast cookie, looks yummy.


  7. You are so darn cute :-)

    And I want to eat that Thai food for supper tonight. But I can't. It is a travesty.

  8. Fun Weekend!

    I laughed my ass off at the name, "Veginator" ahhahahah love it!

  9. YUM! Looks like a lot of good eats.

    I love Thai flavors...lemongrass and coconut...YUM!

  10. Veginator is an amazing name for a restaurant. Hope you're having a lovely day, lovely girl!

  11. Sounds like a weekend full of yummy eats! I might try to make that salmon cake...I also have kale that I could use! Yum!


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