Friday, April 23, 2010


Hey guys!  Hope you guys enjoyed yesterday’s post!!  It was a really delicious meal!!

A few people have asked about my exam – it went VERY well.  I was shocked at how easy it questions all were!! I guess 6 days of studying paid off!!   Thanks for your thoughts!

I thought I’d post a few yummy meals I’ve been having lately!

I am currently IN LOVE with this stuff


DSC_1234 Mama Pea is always using this stuff for her icings, and I finally bought it, and so glad I did!!   I actually think I do enjoy it more than the taste of regular cream cheese!!

My yummy breaky…  (this was one of my favourite breakfasts before going dairy free)


I’ve also been slathering on my Steady Eddie bread…


Wendy from Silver Hills sent me coupons for this bread… it’s yummy, flour free… and has 5 grams of fibre PER SLICE!!   Beat that wonderbread!

I also made this crunchy yummy salad, topped with imitation crab and Annie’s Goddess dressing!!  (I love this stuff)


Also I made Katies sweet and sour meatball recipe!  We both really enjoyed it, but will probably tweak it a bit… add some pineapple next time!!  


Yummy!!  Great as left overs too!!  Can’t wait to make it again!! Thanks for the recipe Katie!!

I also received an amazing package from Jason at Global Health!

No joke it was like Christmas!!



So much yummy stuff!  I can’t wait to test it all out!!

I am totally in love with these!!  Sparkling Hibiscus – they are loaded full of vitamin C – and very tasty. I liked the pink one the best!  If you see these out and about, give them a try!!


I am also loving the coconut water for my smoothies!  The flavour is very different, but in a smoothie, you get all the benefits of it, and it masks the flavour a bit ;)   I find that after a few sips, I get used to it, and start to enjoy it!! haha

I’m pretty sure I would buy this again, especially in the summer… it’s great for electrolytes (wayyyyy better than gatorade!)


Well that’s it from me! I hope you have a beautiful weekend!!  We are back to house shopping!! Ours is going on the market in just over a week!! (Which reminds me I better start cleaning!!)

Take care!!



  1. Ah don't you just love packages like that! Thanks for your thoughts on tofutti - I have not tried that. Love cream cheese...

    Have a good one!

  2. All those eats look great! I did want to tell you there is a non hydrogenated version of the Tofutti - in the U.S. it's sold in a yellow packaging. I personally avoid any products with hydrogenated oils, but honestly, I have tried both versions of Tofutti, and I think the non hydrogenated one tastes worlds better.

    Also, I used to be at City Girl Lifestyle, but changed my blog name and url recently.

  3. I got that same exact package over a week ago! isn't it amazing stuff!? Hope you have a great weekend!!


    PS..the tea infused chocolate bars are sooo yummy!

  4. What a great package!!!

    That salad looks SO good - I love imitation crab meat and am always looking for new ways to use it other than just in a dip.

  5. Wow, that is a great package to get! Glad you're enjoying it!

  6. Mmm I love tomato sammies and coconut water!! <3 Have a great weekend!!


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