Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It’s true… you just know!

So if you follow me on twitter, you know that I found my wedding dress yesterday!!    

The story is kind of funny, because while the lady was lacing up the back – I was standing with my side to the mirror (and hadn’t see the dress yet) and I said quietly to her… “it’s the one” and she said “but you haven’t see it yet” and I said “true… but I just know!!”

So I closed my eyes and walked to the mirror… and when I opened my eyes,  I just smiled and told her that I was right ;)  It is amazing, a bit more extravagant than I was expecting, but it’s VERY close to my dream dress that I have been dreaming of!!

I’m going to try it on again on Saturday, but because Dave reads my blog (hi hunny) I won’t be posting on here… but I may leak a picture on twitter!   We’ll see ;) 

I also think that I found my bridesmaids dresses too, my maid of honour is coming with me on Saturday so I will get her to try it on too!!  It has 35 color choices though, how do I choose?!??!?


I hope you guys don’t mind my life posts too… I really enjoy sharing all this stuff with you guys!!  I think of my blog as more of a life blog, than a food blog!! :)

Onto food though.  I felt like making a treat yesterday, so I made Dave’s favorite….  PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!!  If you are new to my blog, check out my awesome dairy free recipe!!

DSC_1242 I also attempted to make salted caramel/peanut butter ones, but they didn’t taste too good… they looked pretty though!


Anyone have a good vegan caramel recipe?

Since I had left over chocolate, I made some chocolate covered strawberries just for fun too!!


I have also been making some yummy kale chips… re-inspired by two of my lovely readers  Angie and Pam!!  They tested out my recipe and texted me with the results!!  They enjoyed them!! YAY!!

I made two flavors - #1 nutritional yeast, salt and garlic…  #2 cinnamon, mesquite and macca!!


They were tasty, as always!!  I like the savoury ones over the sweet ones though!!   It was a good use for this really bitter kale I bought the other day!

Other things I made the last few days…

With my left over red snapper, I made a yummy sandwich.


Red snapper, hummus, spinach, avocado… so good!!  The snapper didn’t have much taste, so it went well with this sandwich!!

Last night, dinner was amazing!!

I made a big spinach and strawberry salad


and we roasted some asparagus (the lighting was amazing last night, so I took tons of pictures)


along with some bbq chicken and spiced French fries!!

It was such a great dinner!!



A few months ago, I was chatting with the crew at Spices Inc, regarding shipping to Canada, and they asked if I wanted to be their trial run… OF COURSE!!  So I ordered (and paid for) a whole swack of spices….



and they sent some samples


I have to say… totally un-biased – these spices are AMAZING!  We are totally in love with the Manzanillo – it' has an awesome kick to it… and we are also in love with the Cajun (it’s almost gone already), we haven’t tested out the other spices, but the ones we have are 10/10 for sure!!

Our chicken from dinner is spiced with these spices and so were the fries… yummy!!   Thanks for testing out on me!!


Anyways, time for me to get to my day… bridal bootcamp is in my future!! :)  It’s such an awesome workout!!

Have a great day guys!!



  1. isnt dress shopping so fun! did it last weekend and had a blast. i havent found THE ONE but it was still fun. i dont twitter but im dying to see your drress!

  2. congrats on finding the dress! when i found mine i was totally thinking it wouldn't be the one, and there it was!

  3. I enjoy reading your life posts! They sound so exciting! Congrat on finding the dress!!!

  4. Yay! I wanna see the dress! Pleeeeeeze? *bats eyelashes*

    Everything looks so delicious, especially the PB cups! I LOVE peanut butter cups, I'll totally be checking your recipe out. :)

  5. Congratulations on finding the perfect dress. One word of advice: DO NOT LEAVE A CASH DEPOSIT. I know it sounds like something out of a movie, but my wife left a $500 cash deposit on her dress, and when she went back the store was locked up and out of business. Thankfully, the manufacturer agreed to sell her the same dress at cost, but trust me when I say you don't need that stress...and neither does your fiance. :)

  6. I love making my own PB cups! SO much better than store bought! I'll have to check out those spices :)

  7. What a great wedding dress story!!! I had a dress that laced up the back too- they're perfect because you can always make it fit perfectly & comfy! :)

  8. I definitely LOVE that you share your life! I'm so excited you found a dress I hope I get to see it :) It's funny I can't stand wedding planning myself but when other people get their dresses and exciting stuff like that I am all excited about it haha

  9. Congrats on finding your dress...cannot wait to see pictures!

  10. That is so exciting that you found your dress!!!!!

    That salad is beautiful.

  11. The night I got engaged I couldn't sleep--obviously. So I stayed up until like 4am looking at every bridal dress I could find online and found "the" dress. I just knew it from the picture. I saved a couple more, but when I went to the store and tried on my number one favorite.... that was it. It was perfect in every way. I felt like a princess. I'm so happy you found it!

  12. Can't wait to see the dress!

    I love reading all of your, food, whatever!

    Now I must go check out that Peanut Butter Cup recipe! Looks yummy!!


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