Friday, December 18, 2009

Run awayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

So I have been sitting here all morning contemplating running again!   I used to love it and have ran quite a few races - the longest one being 10km!!

The thing with my previous running history is having running buddies.  I love running with other people, but I don't really know many people who run anymore (at my slowish speed).  Which makes me wonder about Lance being my new running buddy, it would benefit him and me.   The only down fall... we ran this Fall together, and he tripped me...  Picture this - running down the road, feeling good... lots of cars driving by and a bunch of people walking on the other side of the street and Lance runs infront of me...  I fall OVER him - I got major road rash from my knee upto my chin...  I was soooooo humiliated that I got up and kept running... blood and all..    Ever since then I've been scared to run with that nutball, as I DO NOT want to recreate that situation. 

There are a bunch of races coming up in April/May here... I might look into them and get my butt going!!  They have to have shirts though, or I won't do it!! HAHAHA

I had some SUPER yummy food yesterday -  I cooked all day - and felt the need for a healthy boost of food!!

I took some spinach and cooked zucchini and cauliflower,

cooked up some falafel mix I had... and made some tahini dressing (tahini, lemon juice, nutritional  yeast, and a dash of honey)  and drizzled it over.. (and then took 6 hours of taking pictures)

Not bad for a point and shoot huh?

Here it is all mushed up

It tasted amazing, and because it was warm, it was kind of like comfort food..
Unfortunately it made my stomach upset. :(
There seems to be something else bugging it lately, as after I eat, it hurts :(

To make my tummy feel better and to get off my feet...  I painted my toes!!

I had a cute picture of them, but then I figured feet + food might be icky!!
  I love crazy colors like this in the winter... It's like wearing scandalous undies..
No one knows what fun is going on under your sox!! :) haha

Then for dinner I was craving burgers.. I finally tried one of these little hunnys

mmmmmm...  I loaded it up with carrots, cucumbers, sun dried tomatoes, mustard. 

Served with a side of sauteed kale and carrots.

It was good!!  I wouldn't eat it alone though, it needed some extra love.
I will buy them again though!!

I have also forgot about reviewing one of the clif bars I received the other day!

Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch.
It was about a 6/10... not fantastic but not bad either.
I prefered the last flavor I tried for sure!!

That's all from me today!!  We have a big to - do list today!!
~Play squash - yay.... (maybe)
~Visit with a girlfriend I haven't seen FOREVER (miss you Neva)
~Finish up Christmas food shopping - eek
~Take the dog for a walk
~Visit Grandma and clean up her china cabinet.
~Go pay for school!! (and drop out of a few classes due to scheduling issues)

Before I forget... don't forget about my STARBUCKS GIVEAWAY!!
Please go to that link and comment there about it!!
If I get to 100 comments on that post - I will up the cards up to $10 each!!! 

Have a great Friday everyone!!


  1. seriously?! when are you coming to cook for me? ;)

  2. what does falafel taste like? ive seen it all over the blog looks good!

  3. Love the Cauliflower, zucchini and spinach mix! Looks yummy! Great blog Lady!

  4. Dogs can make the best running partners! It definitely takes time to get them to calm down. Start out keeping him as short of a leash as possible. Before you know it, he is going to be freaking out every time you pull out the running shoes!

  5. I think Clark's legs are too short to make him a running companion, that and all the snorting noises he makes! :) I just finished my last race for the year and am looking forward to training for a few longer races this coming year. We're too far apart to run together, but I'll gladly cheer you on!

  6. Oooo tell me more about these burgers!! Is there soy in them??

    You make me so happy with all your Veg girl!

    Hahaha you are sooo true having hot toes is like wearing scandalous undies!! You crack me up!!

    I need to get me in this starbucks giveaway!

    Yours should be there very soon!! But I forgot to put your card in the box.....opppss!

    What are you going to school for?

    Thank you for the comment on my blog - I work a few hours a week for a softwear company - from home. And I am a independant sales associate for a health and wellness company. I love having my own business.

    What do you do?

    Love You!!

  7. Everything looks great!! :) Thanks for your comment on our post - now for the nut flour substitution. You may try any flour though might have a different flavor and texture. I would suggest taking any nut and just grinding it up in the food processor till it gets fine like flour. Or some stores do sell almond meal! Hope this helps :)

  8. hahahaha love the scandalous undies line and the toe colour. Thats right, be sexy underneath those socks :) Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  9. Those eats do look great!!!

    I have never tried a cliff bar before - but I hear they are pretty good.

  10. You need to run! Who cares if you embarrassed yourself in front of strangers? Big deal. And you don't know if it'll happen again, so why let fear stop you? Get on your running shoes and go!


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