Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas.. in this neck of the woods!

I think I finally finished decorating for Christmas!!

While unpacking I realized that I have a bit of an obsession with these puppies.

the best part is, I have no where to put them, because Lance likes to rip them down!

I also found  a really sweet letter packed away in a box, that I got in a Christmas card from a really good friend.  I have been trying to contact her for 3 years, but she is no where to be found :(
I might have teared up a little.

Anyways, I decorated the mantel

and finished the tree

and the tv stand.  The globe was a little chilly outside, so that's why it looks wet!

All together now!

Am I the only one that only decorates one room? 
I just don't have stuff to decorate the rest of the house! 

Onto food...
I had a green monster for breaky, then for lunch
some of Dave's famous (Newfie) Moose stew, that I cooked hehe.
with some super yummy rosemary bread and a huge glass of water. 
It was soo good! 
Dave's pop in Newfoundland catches the moose, jars it and sends us some!! :)
I think it's my favorite red meat!

Then I had one of these little lovelies.
Date sliced and stuffed with peanut butter... soooo delicious
Now I'm kicking back watching a Christmas movie in my pjs (it's 2:30 hehe)
Wondering what's for dinner...

Anyone have any yummy ideas for this sucker?

I've never cooked one of these before, but have heard they are great! 
Any ideas would be good ones!! :) 

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Hope you are having a perfect Sunday and remember You are BEAUTIFUL!!  



  1. The decor looks great!!!!!!!! You should roll up all those stockings and put them in a basket- I bet it'd look super pretty. I cook up TONS of squash so just do a squash search on my bloggie ;)

  2. This is mine and the Man's first Christmas together! I just gone decorating the tree with what few ornaments we have. It's enough to make it feel like Christmas.

  3. I cant wait to have an actual house to decorate for christmas time! My tiny apt just doesn't cut it!

  4. ummm....pretty sure you didn't make the stew alone :) I do believe you had some help.

  5. Awww lovie I love your mantel!! "HOPE" is such a powerful word to me :)

    The rest of your home looks beautiful!

    I love LOVE your new hair!!! I need to get mine done too.....

    Let me jump on this giveaway :)



  6. Aren't the dates with nut butter the most awesome snack? I love them pre and post workout!

  7. Wow some of those stockings are super cute! I just moved and my Mum decided to keep the one she had for me, and I just can't find any that are extra cute to buy.

  8. I love your fireplace!! And your decorations look great!

  9. Ha, I only decorate one room too! I don't mind though, it's enough for me ; )

    Your tree looks great!

  10. I love your decorations!
    Please let me know if you guys make a trip to Seattle, I'm happy to help with suggestions, this is a great city! :)

  11. The only Christmasy thing I've got going on right now is my tree! Luckily, it's a pretty adorable tree...

  12. oooh how I LOVE christmas!! and all the decor! it looks so beautfiul!!

    best squash ever :)
    cut it in half.. fill a pan with one c water.. scoop out seeds from squash, face down, and bake in oven!

  13. That date looks yummy!

    Thanks for stopping by x x

  14. Your decorations look great!

    Looks like a great place to sit on the couch with a cocktail/coffee and just enjoy the festive decorations.


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