Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just for the record!

I came home tonight to sooo many fantastic comments.  You guys are amazing!!   (Lance thanks your too for all his sweet comments!!) 

L  & Katie, I can't get to your blogs or emails :(  I would love to read them...  and get back to you!!

Lots of love to all you guys!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet dreams,


  1. I couldn't find the teas any where either. My mum happened to find them this year so when I was just home she had them for me. I have the Sugar Cookie, Candy Cane Lane & Gingerbread. Would you like some of all of those? I also have an apple cider one would you be interested in that too? Oh and ps the boy LOVES your peanut butter cups usually he would put the whole thing in his mouth but i think he took an hour yesterday to eat it just savoring the taste lol

  2. Hmm...Weird that you can't get to my blog (if I am the Katie you were referring to, that is.)
    Try this:

  3. Hi Honey!
    Thanks for the kind comment!
    And your tummy issues..sorry! I have had my share over the years. I always say high raw all vegan chose me, I didnt chose it (food allergies). Anywhooo...your squished date on the pics AND the downward dog...too cute!


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