Thursday, December 10, 2009

So much food, so little time!!

This is pretty much going to be a 100% food post! 
I had so much yumminess in the last few day!! :)  MMMMMm I LOVE good foo!!

Let's start Tuesday AM -  aka  PEANUT BUTTER CUP morning!!
I think I made over 100 peanut butter cups!!
Then Dave came  home with my favorite Soy Chai from my favorite coffee place!

Yummmmmm....  This guy totally makes the best stuff.
Oh... and Dave is pretty fantastic for stopping for it too!! :) hehe..  

Starving and peanut butter cupped out...
I made some of my favorite veggies miso soup!
It's super easy and super fast.

First off... Saute some tofu (or other protein) with some chicken soup oxo and some olive oil.
Add 1-2 cloves of garlic and about a 1/4 onion.  
Then add veggies of choice (I usually use lots of left overs!) 
Saute all veggies together then add about 2 cups water let it get to a boil -
Take off heat and add 2 tsp (or to taste) miso
And then add topping (spinach, seaweed, green onion and/or kale)
I also add a bit of pepper and hot sauce!


Then I did a bunch of stuff...  haha I don't remember, I feel like I didn't leave the kitchen on Tuesday!

At dinner I finally cooked the kombucha squash!  It was tasty.  I had it with steamed turkey, cucumber, tomatoes and a delish tahini dressing (made from tahini, lemon juice, soya sauce and honey)

I pretty much dipped EVERYTHING in that sauce!!
So glad I finally tried tahini - it's a pretty earthy type taste but I really liked it!! 

Fast forward to Wednesday (chaos day)
Breaky was same old same old...
Eggs, pita and squash mashed with maple syrup and cinnamon.

I put WAY too much cinnamon in it, and didn't end up eating it, but it was a delicious thought!

Because I got up so late yesterday, breakfast was really lunch!!
I grabbed one of these on the way to work!

It was super yum!  10/10  My favorite bar so far!!
I would 100% order them again! 

Ok... then I worked and had a nutty class that I almost lost my mind on!! (Jolene how do you do it!)
I'm used to being around large groups of kids, but not teaching them!
1 class left!! :)

I didn't have much time between jobs last night so I grabbed this!

Fatoush salad!  This little take out place is ran by a very sweet Serbian family.
They make amazing food!!
And flatbread the size of my head!
I'll keep this picture small, as I didn't even get a chance to put on make up today!
No make up + blonde eyelashes = very washed out tired face!

I had about a 1/4 of the massive salad,
1/2 the wrap and a scoop of hummus (which Lance got to before me boo)

This meal was totally inspired by Robyn at Girl Gone Raw.  
She lives in Saudi and eats this stuff all the time (and makes my mouth water all the time)!!
(oh and she's fantastic!)

Then I went to work.... and made one of these "creatures"

Don't be jealous..
I love "non tradition"... who needs a normal looking candy cane reindeer anyways!?
Everyone loved making these last night, there was lots of laughing!

Well we are off to the bank to find out if we can afford the "dream house" and we're going back to look at it tonight!  I shall keep you all posted! 

Thought for the day... since I STILL haven't gotten to my random acts of kindness post.

~Kindness comes in many forms but always from the heart~

Have a fantastic day! 


  1. all your eats look so great, I wouldn't be able to be in the same house as those peanut butter cups though!
    Tofu is somehting I have always wanted to try but some how have been to scared to!
    Love the candy cane too!

  2. I used to make candy cane creatures all the time. I have no idea why I stopped.

    Your's is great, did you give him/her a name?

  3. Hey girly! That soup looks so good! I cannot believe how many peanut butter cups you made! That's crazy! Good luck with the dream home!

  4. wow, everything looks so healthy and delicious! how did you make those pb cups?...they look incredible and perfect for the holidays!

  5. Everything looks delicious! Nice to see the great pictures of everything. I totally want one of those peanut butter cups! I've been doing pretzels with caramel and chocolate this week to give to friends. Ate WAY too many of those!!!

  6. Haha, cute candy cane :-)

    I don't know how I do it LOL!!! I love it though!! I be firm, but still silly. I joke around with the kids, and tease them ... but they know when I mean business, I mean business.

    I have been checking every grocery store for a kombucha squash and I can't seem to find one! I really want to try one!!

  7. Wow that is a lot of peanut butter cups : ) We love Robyn, she is awesome!

  8. That's a lot of peanut butter cups! I'll take some! ;)

  9. I don't know if I could have stopped myself from eating all of those pb cups!!!

  10. LOVE that salad!! and that biggg flatbread!!

  11. I have blond eyelashes too! What a pain they can be.
    And yay for flatbread the size of your head!


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