Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like.... Spring?

Wow, yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day.  The sun was shining and was warm (the sun not the air brrr) 

I started the morning with a warm plum crumble... It was good.  I just threw together some ingredients and ~~Ta Da~~.. this yummy baby was born!  I cooked this at about 10:30 on Sunday night... hehe..

Then I packed up some snacks to the day as it was BUSY

Green monster, apple, protein bar, pepperoni, mini oranges and dried figs.
I only had the green monster and pepperoni - YUM!

Then I hit Superstore...  wowsers... what a mess that place was!
I waitied in line to be told I had to wait in another line, where I was told I couldn't pay for one of my things there, so I had to move to another line.  Then I waited for the self checkout... and a person had about 50 coupons, then 2 of the self checkouts went out of order... haha...
It was EXHAUSTING.  I felt like I was being "punked"

I decided to take a time out, and finish my chores after because
I was very close to becoming a grumpy Christmas shopper.
I grabbed some subway and headed for one of the most beautiful lunch dates I've ever had

See that little bench in the left hand corner, that was my beautiful lunch date!

I had a roasted chicken loaded full of VEGGIES!!

Here was my view (trust me the pictures don't do it justice)

Here comes the tug boat!

Then I went for a little walky poo..   It was chilly though...

Brr.. I could have been wearing a jacket, hat, scarf and mittens.  The ocean air was COLD!


If you look WAY in the back, there is a resort that is amazing! 
During the summer time you can take a free water taxi across to it's sister resort on the island
on the other side!   It's so pretty.

During the summer, we get tons of artists that come for the driftwood carving contest.
This is one of the pieces!

After all that fun I went off to teach my little class and then went to yoga/climbing. 
Yoga was awesome, I'm sad the class is over.  We practiced handstands!!!   I almost did it!!

And bought this beautiful poinsettia!!
Then came home to a yummy steak and veggie cooked dinner.  Thanks hunny!!
It was sooo good!!  (no pictures I was WAY to hungry!!)

Since it's December 1st - what is your favorite Christmas tradition?

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  1. My favourite Christmas tradition is getting together with family on Christmas eve.

    I hate that about Superstore - the place is a gong show!


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