Monday, December 7, 2009

Giveaways, discounts oh happy Monday!!

Good (chilly) morning!!

It's -10 here this morning,  that does not happen here, that's soo cold!!   I was super happy I could stay in bed and read 10,000000000 blogs!  There are so many fantastic bloggers out there!! 
I should really start a blog roll, to show some love..

Now I am happily writting this blog and watching "You are what you eat"  If you have never seen it it's a great show!!  It maybe a little extreme, but it's great!!

Anywhoo, after reading lots of blogs this morning, I found TONS of giveaways and I am planning on sharing with you lovelies!!   Also an amazing grass discount! :)   (there is a link my sidebar for the site) 
I will get to all that stuff...

Yesterday I made peppermint crunch cookies.
Basically you just take any sugar cookie recipe and add crunched up candy canes.  Yum...

I subbed the butter for apple sauce.
I used 1/2 ww flour + 1/2 white flour instead of all flour.

They were pretty good.  They didn't have sugar cookie flakiness but they were good!!

Lance was the master of the kitchen... making sure the cookies didn't burn!
After cookie baking, it was onto dinner.
I wasn't tooo hungry since maybe I ate a few cookies (someone had to try them out)
But I made a burger full of veggies and hummus

The burger was yummy, it was one of the super lean presidents choice burgers.
Downside - I ate red meat two times today... not smart, my tummy was not happy.
Today is going to be a meat free day!! 

I started off today with a yummy green monster;
small handful of almonds
1 date
3 frozen strawberries
1/2 a banana
1 scoop wheat grass
1/2 scoop berry kids flavor amazing grass just for a bit of extra flavor

Whizzzzzzzzzzzz it up in the magic bullet blender!
Yummy, I love the addition of the date.
I have to be honest, I was not into drinking this this morning, it's so cold I wanted something warm.
But now I'm glad I did!!

Question for you. Some people think raw spinach is best for you, others think it should be steamed first. 
What's your thoughts on this?

Ok onto the giveaways!!!

Mine first!  Today is the final day to enter into the PEANUT BUTTER CUP GIVEAWAY
There are only 14 entries so there is a good chance to win... To be entered you can... 

#1 Comment on this post - telling me why you should get this give away! 
(and which size you would choose)
#2 Link this give away to your blog (and let me know you did)
UPDATE #3- if you are not subscribed to my blog - do it, (and let me know) and I will enter you into the giveaway!  
So if you are a newby to my blog, you can win 3 different ways!! :) 
Ok.. that's done.  
Onto 2 more giveaways... 
The twins at Pure 2 Raw are doing a yummy giveaway!!  
(if you win, you have to promise to share!) hehe
Allison at Eat Clean Live Green has a agave give away too - this stuff looks fab...
Both of these blogs are fantastic too, so make sure to check them out!! 
AND an amazing grass discount!! 
Jamie at Embracing Balance has a 15% off code for Amazing Grass products!! 
Her blog is one of my favorites, go say hi!!! :)

Hope your Mondays are going great!
I have a pretty big to do list today, so I should get to it!! :)

Don't forget the peanut butter cups!!
I'll be making them up tomorrow and hopefully sending them out tomorrowish.
The winner should have them by the weekend!! :)


  1. Hey Girly!
    Your cookies look like they turned out awesome! Cute puppy!!! If you want you can send me your address and i`ll send you some of my holiday favorites! i.e. gingerbread bagels & snowman marshmallows + of course some other fun goodies!

    My email is:

    Have a good day!


  2. I'm going to have to try the applesauce in place of the butter. I've heard of this before but have never actually tried it.

    Your dog is so cute and I bet he is a great chef!

  3. ohhh my this all looks so delicious!!

  4. Oh SO fun! I love giveaways! Everything looks GREAT!

  5. I have read and heard from my homeopathic doctor that lightly steamed spinach is best because raw can deplete calcium. I eat raw in salads, and steamed in my GM.

    Those cookies look great - love the idea of adding candy cane!

  6. yum your cookies look SO good!! so very festive :)

    great giveawy!

  7. oh my gosh..cookies with peppermint candy canes!?!? i gota try that! yummm!


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