Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sidney, BC Bound!

Hey guys!!
Hope the last few days were fabulous for you!!

We had a great little R &R get away!  
We started off by spending the afternoon in Victoria! 
If you have never been Victoria is fabulous!   The best part, we ran into friends (from home) as soon as we got out of the car!! hehe

Here we are at the enterance to China town - couldn't get the picture light as hard as I tried!

Then we took a little walk down the "haunted alley way!  eek"

Nothing scary happened *thank goodness*
                                             (random fact about Jessica - VERY VERY scared of the thought of ghosts! )

We ventured into Lululemon and Mec - both had about an hour's wait for change rooms and then again for paying.  I wasn't in the mood at all, so we just got out of there and drove to our (beautiful) hotel.

It was sooo beautuiful, eco friendly and just all in all fantastic.
Here are a few shots of our room

We were in the Sea View room and it was gorgeous

Don't mind D in the background.  He was exhausted!

The view from our room! 
Even the products they used in the room were fantastic.
They were from Purely Saltspring - and again AMAZING!
We used the body wash, shampoo, conditioner, soap and the cream.
My skin was gleaming and smelled fantastic!
We are putting our order in this week!!

We spent a bunch of time walking around,Sidney has sooo many used book stores and some great little eco friendly stores!
We grabbed a coffee
I had a decaf, soy peppermint latte
hehe... working on my photographer skills! 

We also found this great little shop "Planet Love"
they had so many cool products, and you could taste everything before buying!
This was our score

Maca Powder (what do you use this in?)
Coconut Palm Sugar
Cacoa Nibs
Ninja Mix (brazil nuts, cacao nibs, gogi berries, golden berries, pecans)
and Red Quinoa!

We also spent some time walking around the waterfront!  So pretty

We also found a cool shop full of gemstones and toys!

The view from our hotel from the waterfront! 

I also found some new friends

Ted and Martha!  haha

Dave wanted an action shot too!!
Look at his cute little feet!

Overall the hotel was fabulous! 
This was our comment card


I didn't get anywhere near food - but this post is getting soooo long!
So watch for the food post coming up next!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!


  1. Looks like you had a great time. Great pictures too! I was eyeing the Cocount Palm Sugar! :)

  2. I love Victoria! I will definitely check out that hotel next time we are up there!

  3. Looks like you had a blast. Your pictures are absolutely amazing! your hat is too freaking cute!

  4. That hotel looks beautiful! Your pics are really nice!

    Sorry for the late comment - catching up on blog reading!

  5. Here I thought I was subscribed to your Feed and it turns out I wasn't - the horrors!!!

    I just fixed that though! :o)


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