Sunday, December 20, 2009

A red, lazy Sunday!

So I had a knock on the door today...   11am on a Sunday - Guess who it was!!

THE POSTMAN! (poor guy, working so much right now) 

He delivered something super fun.

take a peek inside!!

Lots of Starbucks RED Christmas goodies from Kris @ Iheartwellness! 
LOVE it... so super fun!! 
Inside the little dove package was a GIFT CARD!!
THANK YOU KRIS. you are fantastic!!
What a great Sunday Christmas Surprise! 

Rewind to yesterday.
I tested out yet another Amy's Soup!
(sorry it's blurryish and flashy)

We love Minestrone Soup in this house.

It was full of lots of goodness and very tasty.
I prefer my home cooked stuff, but this was a very close second!

Then I went to Starbucks for another fantastic visit with a WONDERFUL friend.
She was just home for a super quick visit, but it was great as always.
I brought my camera to snap a picture (we don't have one since we were about 16) but I forgot! 

Then I did some last min running around,
with an expectation to pick something up for dinner - FAILED
way to busy out there.

So we ordered pizza!
I got whole grain crust with assorted veggies, no cheese...  Good and pretty healthy

And amazingly enough, it didn't bother my stomach at all !! YIPPEE

Then I packed up some treats

And we headed over to our friends place to play games!

We played this one, so much fun!!

Sorry for the flash!!
A hit for sure, and there were some good scandalous answers (from unsuspecting people too!)

What are your favorite board games?  We could use some new ones!

I've spent all of today just puttering around.  My goal was to clean up my "Zen Room"

EEK!  I'm not even sure what happened in here.  Not very Zen like that's for sure. 
It just became the "catch all" while I was organizing Christmas
Close the door- I haven't gotten to it yet, but I will!

Now I'm just hanging out... with my hot lemon/honey drink...
Watching "Must Love Dogs"

So yummy!

I will leave you with some "Holiday Wisdom" from the cup I got from Kris!!

"We invite YOU to LISTEN to your DESIRES and to RENEW your HOPE.
To SEE the world not as it is, but as it COULD be.
Go ahead, WISH.
It's what makes the holidays the HOLIDAYS.

Off to create a gingerbread house with my hunny! 
Stay tuned for pictures!! 



  1. i wish i had an extra room to just throw stuff into...

    cute package. im not a big coffee drinker but i always have a sudden impulse to buy stuff from starbux.

  2. I stumbled on your blog from Kris'. Love Kris.
    I think you have a great blog. A Canadian also :).
    Beautiful blog, I will hope to read much more.

  3. I LOVE board games! Scrabble is my all time favorite, but I love pictionary and those types too. I saw a commercial for Things the other day, and I was thinking I WANT THAT!!

  4. aww have fun with the gingerbread house! that is too cute :) i love the starbucks mug!!

  5. Awesome package!!

    I love olives on pizza ... and I love board games - sounds like fun!

  6. have fun making the gingerbread house!

  7. What a great package! Anything Starbucks is a-okay with me!

  8. I am loving the Starbucks package you received. That is so much fun. I love the little red cup ornament. Too bad it seems to be MIA in Pittsburgh this year! That pizza looks amazing. I should really start making and getting mine without the cheese. What yummy treats!


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