Thursday, December 3, 2009

A quick funny story for you and sushi.. drools

Ok. So I found my Christmas sweater for the Tacky Sweater tomorrow night!  Here is a sneak peak;

Let's just say... am about 90% sure I owned this when I was growing up.

Ok. the funny story.  So I take this and Dave's sweater up to the til at the hospital thrift store and the sweet old lady says "Oh dear, won't you look beautiful in this, are you wearing it on Christmas?|" 
She was so sweet and sincere, but it took every ounce of me not to laugh!!
I think it's one of those situations that you had to be there!!

There wasn't much to choose from, so we might go look again tomorrow!

After that I got my weekly fix of sushi - an avocado roll, and a shrimp roll. (and spicy mayo of course)

So good.    These may of slipped into my basket too

I need pretty dishes for blogging doing I?

I just got one of each, they are soo pretty!

PS. I've had a few emails about the newest selection of chocolate cups. 
The ones with cranberries, coffee beans and pecan don't have any peanut butter!!

Anyways, must go figure out the rest of my "outfit" for tomorrow night!!
Stay tuned for funny pictures



  1. Haha, I LOVE that sweater! ; )

    I just realized you weren't on my reader so I added you ... I was wondering why you weren't popping up in it! haha : )

  2. that sweater rocks my face off. haha

  3. My husband has said atleast 3 times in the past week, "Aren't you glad we registered for pretty dishes now that you're taking pictures of your food?" It's necessity for sure.

    And I love the fact you feed the kids healthy snacks (re: previous post.) I am totally going to be that Mom when I have kids... which won't be for a very... long... time.

  4. OMG - that sweater is priceless!!! I need an ugly sweater too ... for a party! I better go shopping at the used stores this weekend!

  5. I'm pretty sure I had a sweater identical to that one too... Skiing teddy bears? Yes please.

  6. Okay the peanut butter cups get an A+ its hard not to gobble it right down in one taste :) Keep up the good ideas

  7. I love that sweater! The thing is, I'm such a Christmas lover that I would probably wear it just day to day, not only for an ugly Christmas sweater party. I dream of the day when my closet is filled with green and red sweaters bedecked with jingly bells and glow in the dark Rudolph noses...and I'm not even kidding!


  8. hey my lil _ _ _ _ !
    loving the hair , its soo hot so glad u finally did it ~ so u done your xmas shopopin yet girl...wonder if your gunna get a lil bling bling hee hee.. k just wanted to leave a comment since i knew where to know..
    love ulots


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