Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve Recap!

Hey guys!
Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!!   It's amazing how fast it flies by!!

Well as I was saying Dave and I hosted Christmas Eve dinner at our house this year! 
Here was the menu - and just for the record, I am NEVER this organized!

Everything was dairy free - if you have any questions of how, let me know!!

I started off early making homemade cranberry sauce.
Super easy, sooo much better than canned!
1 bag cranberries
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
spices if you want - I used gingers, nutmeg and cinnamon.
Another great option is orange zest!

Toss everything in the pot, bring to a boil then simmer until at desired consistency
(I simmered for about an hour)
When it was done, I tossed it into a bowl and put it on the table! - Done!!
Should be served at room temp!

Then we set up the bar

Prepped all the food
All the veggies ready for the Newfie portion of the feast!
Carrots, cabbage and turnip!

 Then prepped all the appies - sweets, candied nuts, veggie/hummus platter, smoked oysters,
smoked salmon with jalepeno jelly and mary's crackers!
Then started cooking!!
This is the pot of Newfie goodness- boil a small piece of salt meat.
Then you toss in all your veggies and bread puddings (that's what the bags are) and let boil for about an hour.
The veggies come out soft, and a little salty, they are sooo good!!  
Even Dad (the cabbage hater) really enjoyed it and had seconds!! - YES!

I made two types of puddings - a sweet onion one and a cranberry and spice!
I lovvvvvve them!!
(if anyone wants the recipe let me know!)

Here is the final product

They may not be pretty but they are oh so tasty!
I was kind of happy when only 1 or 2 people tried it, it meant left overs!!

The turkey cooked WAY to fast (boo)
But it gave me lots of time to roast the brussel sprouts.

A little bit of grapeseed oil, balsamic, maple syrup and s&p.

I also had a glass of my favorite wine while the cooking chaos continued!

If you have never tried stemless wine glasses, I highly recommend!

Then it was time for carving the turkey!!!
Go Dave go!!

Here is the spead!
 Awwh it was a success!
(ps. the stovetop cornbread stuff is FAB)
I made WAY WAY too much food!

Thank goodness the boys cleaned up, I was pooped!

Then it was time for relaxing!

G-ma and I!!

The boys in the kitchen taking a break from baby and puppy talk!!
 There were a total of 9 people for dinner and one super cute baby girl!
( I didn't get a chance to snap pictures of everyone as I
was cooking, the people pictures are all from my mom -thanks ma!)

It was great! 
A few people stayed late and we played games and ate the gingerbread house!!  hehe

Keep your eyes peeled for the Christmas day recap
I got something sooooooooooo FUN!!!!




  1. you are a domestic goddess! i probably would not have been able to feed 9 people. too much pressure.

  2. awww you are too domestic! Very awesome. i can't believe you created all that. I was stressing over 5 people lol

  3. You put on a great spread - that food all looks SO good!!


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