Monday, December 14, 2009

A few questions answered!!

Well we are in the middle of a snowfall warning! EEK..   So far we have about 3-4 inches with appaerntly much more to come tomorrow!   The best thing about my little town snow - days off! :)

As for the questions -
Tracy asked - Where do you work? 
I am currently working for a few different places,

Job #1-I do some relief work for the Rec Department - today was full of making posters, updating facebook pages, doing posters boards - being told what to do by the person who bumped me out of my job!   *winks* good times.
Job # 2- I do contract work for an organization - mainly teaching courses to kids in our lower income schools. 
Job #3 - Run a recreation program for special needs adults !!  Which i lovvvvvvve.
Job #4 - I run/organize a monthly family/teen night in a low income housing complex. 

They are all great and keep me busy!! 
I love all of them!!

Question #2- What is nutritional yeast?
I totally googled this - feel free to elaborate anyone!! 
Nutritional yeast, similar to brewer's yeast, is a nutritional supplement popular with vegans and the health conscious, who use it as an ingredient in recipes or simply as a condiment. An inactive yeast chock-full of vitamins and minerals, nutritional yeast gives a cheesy flavor to soups, sauces, and casseroles.

I have tried lots of different ones, and disliked them very mucho- but this current one is Red Star, I bought it in bulk at the health food store- about 1/2 a cup for 59 cents!     It's sooo good, I've been putting it in everything!

Haha.. last but not least
Question #3 - Are peanut butter and bacon sandwhich's really good?
YES- so super yum.
I have craving them like crazy now, I probably won't have another one for a long long time though, I'm baconed out!! :)

Well I'm up to cozy up on the couch - today was exhausting!! 
I've already fallen asleep on the couch (at 6) oops!

I appreciate everyone reading my blog, I really think you guys are AWESOME!!! :)
Keep the questions coming!!  


  1. thanks for all these answers girl! everything i wanted to know!!

  2. wow, you're quite the busy girl.

    we're having snow days too, but not bad enough to declare no school. boo.

  3. I love the Q and A :-)

    I am still afraid of the bacon and PB sandwich, but I am working up the courage to try. I will definitely let you know when I do!!

  4. Hooray for snow days!!! :) I love to be able to stay home and look at the snow while staying warm with hot beverages and blankets ; )

  5. you sound so busy girl with your jobs! and BOOO for snow! We might be getting some releif FINALLY this week with warmer temps! But it's always nice to have a white Christmas.

  6. I was not a fan of nutritional yeast when I tried it, but maybe I should try another brand if that's what worked for you. Hmm...

  7. I am a huge fan of nutritional yeast as well, it's quite addictive! My husband would prob like the bacon and pb cause he loves those bacon/chocolate bars!

  8. I just might have to go buy some Nutritional Yeast and experiment with it.

    Thanks for the info.


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