Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holy Amazing Grass!

I just got a lovely package in the mail (and it came SUPER QUICK)

This is what was inside...

The small wheat grass powder is for my parents,
I am trying to convince them to try Green Monsters!!

The best part was the FREE sample box...
I got all this below stuff for FREE!! 
I'm so excited... and I just can't hide it!! 
I think I am most excited about the cup... it's perfect for green monsters on the go! 
Too bad I already had my green monster this morning,  I suppose I'll have to make a 2nd later!

Ok.. end of excitement!!

Yesterday my lunch was soooo good..

Pita, hummus, left over steak, carrots and cucumber.  So yum!!

Then dinner was just as good!!

Purple rice - yes that's it's natural state,  it's yummy and sweet
My garden grown acorn squash with brown sugar
Salmon that was caught by our friends in the deep blue sea.
The salmon was marinated in soya sauce, olive oil and tremendous amounts of pepper!

After dinner, we took LANCE to his first puppy school class. 
He was the most excitable in the class for sure...  he was a crazy nut.. but we think the class is going to be great.  How nice will it be to have a dog that listens..
He does say hi though..

We swore we would not be corny doggie parents.
Look what happened!!  haha

Then this morning, he learned to roll over!!
Yay.. 1 day of puppy school and he's a new dog.
He did it 5 times in a row, no messing around in between..
I'm a proud puppy mama today!!

Back to amazing grass... if you want to try the amazing grass, they have a lot of samples on their website the sample combos are only $2.99 and that includes shipping.  I think they have 3 or 4 different sets of samples. 

Maybe I can convince them to send me a promo code and some stuff for a give away!! hehe
We shall see!!

Have a beautiful day. 
If you are close to me, I hope you don't freeze (it's -5 here today, and that's cold for here)



  1. I love corny dog parents!

    And holy amazing grass is right! I'm slightly jealous of all the goods!

  2. I don't have a dog but I like corny dog parents and I love that card haha

  3. I'd like to try the amazing grass products, but I'm a little scared. It doesnt taste too odd?

  4. This was meant to be. I just had my first shot of wheat grass today and have started reading up on all the goodness it possesses. I'm definitely going to check out the web site... I think it may be better than trying to grow my own wheat grass which is what I told the Man I'd do.

  5. So awesome you got all that free stuff! Amazing grass is tempting to buy but EXPENSIVE!! I have to opt out till more funding comes my way ;-)

  6. I love Amazing Grass! I firmly believe that it has single handedly helped keep me healthy during the sick season!

  7. Free Amazing Grass products!!! Lucky you!! Their products really are amazing :-)

  8. Gah, I so totally need to do an Amazing Grass post. I've been enjoying my samples for like a month now! LOL. I still haven't tried the Wheat Grass though...guess I should get on that.

    Where on the West Coast are you? All of your pics are of places so seemingly familiar, but I can't figure it out!!

  9. I love that sandwich. Minus the steak of course and I totally know what you mean about being 'those' kind of people with the animals hehe, says the girl who has a pound puppy at her feet and a pussy cat fighting for my hands attention whilst I type this out hehe


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