Saturday, December 5, 2009

New hair and a give away!!

Confession # 1 - I am a HUGE hair chicken.  I always want to go short, do something new, but then I chicken out (every time)  I love long hair!!

Confession #2 - I am a true blonde!!  I don't dye my hair!

Confession #3 - I stepped out of my comfort zone!! 

I realize it's not super short, but it's short for me!!  
Plus...  I got a dark red color on the underneath just for fun!! hehe..
So far I like it, but I haven't washed it and tried to make it look good myself yet!!
 That's always the true test!

This was Lance as I was taking pictures... He's pouting because I'm not paying attention to him!

I was also happy to see that my free samples of clif and luna bars arrived super fast!
(They sent them on Wednesday afternoon)!!

I will give you guys a review of them ASAP!!  I am so excited to try them!
I had one bite of the caramel nut Luna and it was tasty! 

Yesterday for breaky I had


my green monster was SOOO sweet... almost gross sweet!!
I have been having a HUGE craving for ant's on a log, I've eaten a whole package of celery in 2 days! haha

I spent the morning at my parents, I brought them their amazing grass stuff and a peanut butter cup.
Here is the Mom and Dad review.... "Okay the peanut butter cups get an A+ its hard not to gobble it right down in one taste :) Keep up the good ideas"  Yay!!!  

Then I rushed home and cooked this before heading out to get my hair done..
It is another one of my favorite quick meals!

After my (3 hour) hair appointment - hehe.. (too much chitter chatter and red hair dye)

Dave took me for a yummy dinner..
I had this (no pictures so sorry)
Prawns, Mussels, Scallops & Italian Sausage Fettuccine 
Tiger prawns, local mussels, sliced sea scallops & Italian sausage simmered in a fragrant
fresh crushed tomato sauce, over fettuccine. Served with grilled garlic foccacia toast

It was reallllllllly good!! I didn't eat the noodles though, and I got the foccacia with no butter, just grilled with a side of balsamic vinegar and oil.     Oh yah, and I had a Shirley temple!! haha 

Dave had the Prime Rib dinner, with a dark chocolate caramel pecan brownie.
It's totally not worth the tummy troubles though!

Then we moved onto the Tacky sweater party.
Much to my saddness, (I guess I didn't read the invite properly) it was just a tacky sweater party,
not a christmas sweater party. booo..

I had the candy cane earrings, flashing Rudolph slippers.
Dave's sweater wasn't too ugly, except they used two different grey wools to complete it!!

As for the giveaway.... :)
My first giveaway might I add!!
They were a huge hit last night, I almost had to break up a fight over the last one!!
Soooo.. if you win, you can choose the SUPER HUGE ONES or the little mini ones!
This is open to US/Canadian peeps only... (I can't believe I just said peeps!)

A few ways to enter...
#1 Comment on this post - telling me why you should get this give away! (and which size you would choose)
#2 Link this give away to your blog (and let me know you did)
UPDATE #3- if you are not subscribed to my blog - do it, (and let me know) and I will enter you into the giveaway!  
So if you are a newby to my blog, you can win 3 different ways!! :)  
I will do the draw on  Tuesday morning and hopefully have them sent away by Tuesday night/Wednesday!!

Have a great day!


  1. I want the PB cups!! Peanut butter is my favorite food EVER & I would love the little bite size ones for great treats!

    Oh and your hair looks great! This coming from one of the few fellow legit blondes!

  2. Shirley temples are the best! My fiancee and I don't really drink. So when we went to a birthday dinner monday everyone ordered alcohol and we ordered Shirley Temples..... the waiter asked to see our ID's only. LOL

    P.S. The hair looks great

  3. Your hair looks so nice!!! I love it!!

    I have never tried a cliff or a luna bar! Maybe they will send me some!

  4. Oh my gosh i love your hair! It turned out awesome girly! That's so neat that you get to sample the CLIF and LUNA bars for free. I won`t buy them because i`m afraid that they may not be that good... it would be way easier for me to just sample them first lol. Enjoy your weekend!!

  5. I would love some mini PB cups. :) And I should get them because.. um.. our hair is practically the same color and length now?

  6. Your hair looks gorgeous girlfriend. Very snazzy indeed. I know what you mean about chickening out too. One day I will go shorter too. But hey it is easier to handle if you do it gradually :)

  7. Love the new hair! Very cute! Do you know what else I love? PB cups...

  8. linked you to my blog!

  9. Love the hair, and I'd love to be entered.

  10. Mini PB cups - I have a problem with them LOL!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  11. I should win because I love your blog and peanut butter cups :)
    I would go with the baby sized ones!


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