Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Drum Roll Please - Peanut Butter Give Away...

Today is going to be a fun post...   Give away, laughter yoga and food pics... what could be better?

All the names went into the draw- I went the old fashion way...  hehe

Drum Roll Please...

Another BC blogger!!   
Email me  your address today so I can send the package off today or tomorrow!

 I love doing giveaways, so keep your eyes peeled for more!! :) 

On to "Laughter Yoga"
I love laughing...

I may or may not be a little drunk at a wedding in Mexico haha

If you love to laugh and have never heard of laughter yoga 
check out THIS link

Tracey @ Tropical Happiness did a whole post about it today, it's fantastic... Check it out!
If you don't have time to read the whole blog right now,
click on the following two links (that Tracey posted) and they are guaranteed to make your day!!

Metro Laugh - the beginning is slow but at about 2:15 it gets fantastic!
Laughing Baby sooooo cute!
I was laughing so hard at these that I started crying!! :)

I hope you guys love these... and gave Tracey at Tropical Happiness some love when you went to visit!!

I had a yummy lunch yesterday

2x eggs, high fiber pita, cucumber, hummus!
It was really yummy (and super filling)

Then I headed off and went to Starbucks for a soy chai - it was just ok, pretty watery
I also had half of this

Peanut Toffee Buzz Clif Bar - I give it a 9.5/10
It was one of the best tasting "energy bars" I've had before!

I snacked pretty late and wasn't overly hungry for dinner...
I had a bunch of peanut butter and celery (I'm loving this right now)
and later on I warmed up some of my plum crumble from a few days ago

Yum, so warm and delicious!

I really wanted to write about "Random Acts of Kindess" today but I don't want this post to last forever,
so keep posted the next few days for it!!
I did think it was funny that writing about that was my "intention" today and

this was my yoga tea wisdom today!
What great words to end this post with today.

"Delight the world with YOUR kindness, grace and compassion"
~Do something kind for someone today~

Have a great day,


  1. yumm ive ive never had soy chai at starbucks!! that lunch looks AWESOME

  2. Omg! The laughing yoga and baby laughing totally made my day!!!

  3. never heard of that yoga, looks like fun!

  4. I'm going to check out the laughing yoga once I get home and can laugh as loud as I want!

  5. Just looking at your gorgeous picture of you laughing made me giggle a little. That is such a great photo! Cool post. Laughter is right up there with dancing I reckon :)

  6. Yum, that plum crumble looks great! yeah, I'm not a fan of too many energy bars so it's great to hear you enjoyed that one - might be a new one to try! Thanks!

  7. We must have been neighbours then, 'cause that's my OJ's! How long ago did you live in Calgary?

    H =)

  8. haha at least I can see my name in the pile :) congrats to the winner!
    I definitely think laughter yoga would be up my alley

  9. I love tea bags that have saying on the end ... they make me happy! ;)

  10. Keep up the good work with your blog I love the food pictures and Lance gaurding the cookies :)I can't wait for dinner NOW!!!!!

  11. That is one of the two Cliff bar flavors I will eat (the other being the pb one)! So good!

  12. Congrats to the winner!! Very exciting :-)

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I had that clif bar for lunch one day this week! I thought it was really tasty!

  14. I just bought some Yogi tea with the cute sayings on the tag. It's like a fortune cookie... only you don't have to eat copious amounts of MSG to egt the wise words o' wisdom.

  15. You inspired me, girl! I made my own batch of pb cups last night. I used dark chocolate melts and SmartBalance pb (no added sugar or other ingredients). My co-workers are nibbling on them now. Thanks for the fabulous idea and inspiration!


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