Saturday, December 19, 2009

Downward Dog... literally!

So I started my morning off with some yoga. (yay yoga)

Lance followed suit 

Downward dog...
I was laughing so hard!! 

I know, I know.. what can I say, I'm a proud doggie mama..

Yesterday I tried to eat pretty plain, as I have been having lots of tummy issues.

When I was having all my stomach issues in the past - my go to was brown rice cakes + peanut butter.
I also squished a date on top. 
this was breaky and it was good!!

Then for lunch, I got a little more adventurous.

Brown Rice cakes, cucumber and tuna

I mixed in some sun dried tomatoes.
It was yummy!! 

Then it was date night !!  Unfortunately it was pretty low key as I just wasn't feeling good.
We went for sushi (and Dave took some pictures with his phone, I was still too shy)

Dave had the Beef Terryaki Don Bowl

I like to steal a peice of the ginger (red stuff) and some of the left over rice... it's yummy and his favorite.

I had a super yummy roll (one of many)

It was sooo pretty and so tasty!! 
It was sweet, with a little crunch and a little pop!!
I always pick off the smoked salmon and eat it alone!!

I ordered WAY more.. I came with a very hungry tummy (and LOVE sushi)
~Sushi makes everything better~
You can quote me on that one!!

I ordered enough that this is what I took home

I might have had this for breakfast this morning...  at 7am.
Sushi for breakfast- yes please!

Dave also got me a bag of my favorite chips EVA...
Jalapeno - no dairy yipeeeeeee
I had a few.

Then I fell asleep around 9 while watching a movie - great date night huh?
I think I got up to brush my teeth and went to bed, and apparently slept through partying neighbors! 
They were loud enough that the cops came for a visit (so I was told!)

Anywhoo.. I hardly got anything done on my to - do list yesterday.
To be honest, my friend visited and that was it...  it was a bit of a write off day.

Today isn't looking great either...  *sad face*

What is your remedy when we just aren't feeling great and you can't seem to snap out of it?

 Also... don't forget my GIVEAWAY!!! 
I'm sad that here aren't many entries, but it's good for you as there is a great chance to win!! 

Have a fantastic Saturday!!!


  1. Your dog is so cute! I'm predicting an afternoon of myself attempting to get my dog to participate in down dog as well. Too funny!

  2. I love rice cakes and tuna, actually I love them with anything they are my savior as I can eat gluten!

    Good luck with your running x x

  3. I love pictures of dogs, especially cute dogs like yours!

    I have 2 dogs and they make me laugh all the time.

  4. Hey pretty girl!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Stomach issues are terrible and I know the feeling.

    If you want to feel better, I suggest you try combining... "My Philosophy" on my blog:

    Also, I would highly suggest switching out the peanut butter. That is asking for a tummy ache.

    I am sure that you absolutely love the way you feel if you start combining your meals differently. It may sound weird and confusing in the beginning but coming from someone that always had a stomachache... wow! it is absolutely wonderful!!!

  5. oh!!!! and rice cakes are delicious but Kamut Cakes (by Suzie) are even more delicious and easier to digest! Yay! Try them!! I sometime add a little bit of melted dark chocolate on top or a bit of raw honey or agave. So fun!

  6. If I'm not feeling great I like hot tea with sweet in it drink as fast a possible and as hot as possible :)

  7. Oh my word your puppy is way too cute! food looks yummy! I love the plain kettle chips yum! The boy loves Jalapeño I think its too hot lol

  8. Sometimes we just need to not do what is on our to do list and do something else (usually if it is more fun).

    Ahhh your man is such a sweetheart :)

  9. OMIGOD, Lance is adorable!! I love it when Nermal does Down Dog. I think we can learn how to fully express the pose by watching a dog or cat do it!

    Hope your tummy feels better soon. I'm sure that sushi would help. I haven't had sushi for awhile...hmmm...

    H =)

  10. sorry about your tummy issues girl :( but your sushi looks AWESOME! and i love your cute dog !

  11. I LOVE pb and rice cakes!

  12. Sorry for your upset tummy! I hope the sushi helped ;) Your dog is so cute!!!!

  13. SO sorry your tummy isn't feeling well :( I've had my share of belly issues I can relate. My go to is always rice cakes & pb too (it must truly have healing properties :))!

  14. i can't believe your dog did a downward dog!

  15. I love your yoga doggy! Such a star! Lovely photo and even lovelier meals, everything looks fantastic!

  16. Awwww Lance...You sweet little pooch! He can come over and do yoga with me anytime ;) So cute!!

    It sounds like you are hubby had a sweet, relaxing date night. I love it! Sushi - What do they put in it that keeps bringing you back for more? When I ate it I would start to crave I can't even have a few rolls now without me wanting it everyday!

    I hope you feel better!

    Fresh ginger boiled in water - Did I tell you this already? Sometimes I am a broken record ;)


  17. Thanks for the comment, and your hair is really cute! I love the downward dog pic too! :)

  18. oh my gosh! those pictures of the dog and HILARIOUS! I love it!

  19. lol...I love it when my dog does downward facing dog :-) That's awesome that yours does it actually ON the mat!

    that sushi looks awesome!

  20. lol...I love it when my dog does downward facing dog :-) That's awesome that yours does it actually ON the mat!

    that sushi looks awesome!

  21. Hey, I just saw your post on Courtney's blog. I am Tiffany and I am an ambassador for YogaVibes an online yoga site where you can practice and do streaming videos. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  22. hahahaha you're dog is hilarious! i would have died if my dog had done that!

    sushi looks delectable by the way :)

    ♥ lindsey


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