Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tacos and more chocolate!! YUM

Yesterday was a good day.  After getting my HUGE amazing grass order, I headed out for a walk with Lance the dog!   It was a beautiful chilly walk, but after one day of doggie classes he's like a new dog!! 

When I came home I had this

It was one of those.. quick meals where all you need to do is eat... not overly exciting.
Then I munched on a amazing grass bar, see below for the review!
(those seafood snacks might look gross, but are really good... lemony and peppery!!)

What is your quick fix when you are hungry?

Then I did about 20ish mintues of yoga, it was awesome.  I turned on the "spa channel" music and yogaed away! 
I used these that I downloaded from

They are perfect for beginners too!!

Then I went to work.  I brought the kids (grades 5/6) snack

Whole wheat pitas, carrots and hummus.

15/15 tried the hummus (ok, maybe I bribed them a wee bit)
The general consensus  14/15 of them took some for their snack.
When they left I heard some of them telling their parents about this "super healthy dip" that they HAD to get!
1 for the healthy team!!   haha
Since working with kids (10ish years) I have always tried to introduce "healthyish" foods, they almost always love them.   The hits so far = rice crackers, edemame (huge hit), sushi, sweet potatoe fries (homemade), healty trail mixes, peanut butter with EVERYTHING!! haha, there are probably a few more, but I can't think right now!!

Then I came home and made a totally icky meal dinner

Tacos - corn tortillas, ground turkey with taco seasoning, salsa and homemade guacamole.
The turkey was dry, tortillas broke apart like crazy. But the guacoamole was fab as always!
I was in a rush... eating at the kitchen counter tisk tisk..
I also tested out one of these...

It was pretty good..  I ate it slowly during the day.
It was kinda larabarish!! 
I would order this flavor again!!

Last but not least... Dave bought me these little itty bitty muffin baking cups...
and they inspired me to get adventurous.
(Sorry it's sideways again.  I have flipped it 100x and it just won't post ride side up) boo to blogger!

I made cranberry ones, pecan, coffee bean and peanut butter.

We'll see how everyone likes them, I am bringing them to a "ugly sweater party" tomorrow n ight.
Just for the record, we haven't found our ugly sweaters yet EEK!!

Maybe if they are good enough, I can do a give away!! :) 
I think they would ship in Canada/US ok??

Anywhoo, must take the doggie for a walk and try to find an ugly sweater.

Also I have a ton of  new wonderful, beautiful readers (yay)  You guys rock my sox!!
To get to know me better check out my  about me post or read my "dairy free" story  -
please excuse all the terrible spelling mistakes in those posts.. EEK.

Have a beautiful day where ever you are!!


  1. If you have extras of those PB cups, feel free to send them my way... I've found all my "ugly sweaters" at Goodwill! Have fun tonight!

  2. I am not a huge fan of peanut butter sweets but those cups look amazing. I love your dog-- he's so adorable!

  3. To answer your question about Wok Box - no, I haven't had much that I have liked from there. All of it is mediocre, and after giving it another chance yesterday ... I still feel that way. Disappointing because I too was so excited for it.


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