Monday, December 21, 2009

An owe to Newfounland!

Hey guys,
This morning I was reminsing about our Christmas vacation last year in Newfoundland
and because I wasn't a blogger at the time I decided I should share some of the pictures!

We flew in to St. John's which was beautiful. 
One of those place I always wanted to go and lucky enough my uncle
met and married (a wonderful) Newfie lady and moved to St. John's a few years ago. 
Also Dave's aunt and family live here also.

Dave took me on a tour, as he went to school in St.John's for awhile. 

This is the view of the downtown from Signal Hill

Closer up

St. John's is known for it's colored buildings...

Driving around...

Cars  match the houses.. hehe

Behind me is the Battery and wayyy up on the hill there is a tiny building, that is Signal Hill ... brrr it was cold.

Then we went to visit Dave's brother, sister in law and kids.
They live in a very small town - it was very small, but beautiful.

It wasn't as cold as this picture makes it seem! Almost, but not quite!

 Dave's hometown is about 5 hours from St. John's and is also a small little (cute) town.

Here is the house he grew up in (on the left), with his grandparents house right beside (they all still live there)
sorry for the dashboard, it was too cold to venture out if it wasn't needed!!

After a few days of visiting we headed out to Dave's best friends cabin.
Because there wasn't TONS of snow, we went quadding!

Vrooom Vroom... so fun!!

Towards the end of our trip we went on a CRAZY COLD (-15 C or 5 F) hike.
It was so crazy beautiful though
The whole hike took us about 3 hours and we went up SO many stairs
From the (almost)top - I couldn't go anymore, my legs were frozen solid, it was getting late, and I wanted to
be back before dark!
You can see the water in the right corner, that is where Dave's hometown is.

There was no need for fashion on this hike, it was all about staying warm! haha

By the time we got back to the truck, I was this cold

The only skin showing and my eyes were COLD! haha

Last but not least, we went for a little adventure around Dave's hometown...
I snapped some pictures of these "stages" I think that's the name at least!
I thought they were so pretty

I hope you enjoyed the trip!
We are looking forward going back probably 2 times this year.
I would like to see it at other times of the year too, as it was pretty chilly to walk around!

Happy First Day of Winter!!

I'll leave you with this... if you have kids YOU MUST do this for them
It's so super magical.
A personalized message from Santa

Watch for a food post later!!



  1. Wow I love your hat! That is so cute! What a pretty place to visit!

  2. Everything looks so pretty. I really need to get out of my bubble and travel more.

  3. how fun! i would love to live on a street where all the houses were different colors.

  4. It looks so beautiful there! Great pictures. Let me know how you like the Almond Butter Cups :)

  5. Beautiful pictures! What a wonderful trip!

  6. Gorgeous photos! And I LOVE the snowmobile picture; it looks so fun!

  7. Wow - St. Johns looks picture perfect. I would LOVE to go there one day!

  8. wow BEAUTIFUL pictures! i love those colorful cute houses!

  9. i love love love the cars mtaching the houses!! haha
    great vacay<3
    i drove throuh CR today!! and thought of you!

  10. oh gorgeous pictures!

    p.s. I just gave you an award on my blog :)

  11. I love all your pictures! What a cute town! You look adorable too!


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