Monday, December 14, 2009

Quick post! :)

Good morning!!

Thought I'd give you a somewhat short post before heading to work for the day!   Scary to say, but I haven't worked an 8 hour shift in a long time, it should be interesting!  I love this time of  year, as I get to pick up lots of shifts!!

Sorry to scare everyone yesterday with the countdown to Christmas, hehe...  Scary reality check hey?
Thanks for the starter ideas too, I think I will do a veggie platter with hummus (and probably ranch dressing),
some fun deviled eggs (wasabi)!

I had some fun eats again yesterday!!

Breaky started off with scrambled eggs with 1 slice of bacon, zucchini, kale, nutritional yeast and some mrs.dash!  

with a pita... yummy... I was starving!!

Then I made Kale Chips!!!
Take a bunch of curly kale, massage with olive oil and sprinkle with salt or seasoning.
Pop in the oven at 375...  until crispy.
They were mom tried and true - she liked them!!
Then one of my very best girlfriends stopped by with Christmas presents!! :)


I collect (and love) Buddhas!! :) 
Especially laughing ones!  They make me smile!
We had a great visit (as always) and started on our New Years Eve plans!!
I think we are going to keep it low key this year!

During the day I drank lots of this...
Then for dinner I made yummy pasta.. I can tell you what's in it later but I'm running late!

It was SOOOOOOO good!!
I restrained myself and only had one bowl!!

For breaky this morning I finally tried out oats in a jar!

Oats, crasins, coconut and chia seeds - and of course peanut butter!

I had to pack a lunch today, so this is what's on the menu..

Left overs, soon to be filled green monster, clif bar, oranges and apple!

Have a fantastic day guys, sorry this is a super quick post!


  1. Have fun at work!

    Can you tell me what nutritional yeast is?

  2. i had OIAJ too. But my toppings were only banana. im boring.

  3. Those eats look wonderful!! I love eggs for breakfast!

  4. Where do you work? I have been working my tush off these past few weeks and I'm so ready to go home... :)

  5. nothing will beat the peanut butter.. lovely blog

  6. We got kale chips going in our dehydrator..yum!

  7. You are such a healthy one! I love your food for today so colorful and tasty!

    8 hour shifts seem so long, huh? It must have gone fast with the buzz of the season I hope?

    Are you getting the massive snow storm right now??

    Have a great night Dollface!


  8. Dinner looked amazing girly! Cute ornament! I love fun ornaments. You can really never have too many!

  9. A nutritious the kale chips :D

  10. Love all the kale you're eating! Yum yum kale. It is definitely my vegetable fave of 2009.

  11. Jessica! Great stuff! I really want to eat now hehehe


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